DooM (4)



The full game would be a ~[/size]30 hour download here, would have been nice to be able to avoid all or most of that

EDIT: Due to Bethesda’s regional pricing on Steam it’s actually cheaper to buy a physical copy of the game here (~[/size]$67.11 USD vs $79.95 USD)


On PS4 it’s actually cheaper to get the digital copy, cause the membership gives you like 10 percent off or some shit.

Although Jesus fucking Christ what a big game, what is it with Bethesda and their games recently? Both Wolfenstein’s, Fallout (kinda understandable, yet somehow smaller than the others?) And now this.

But hey, I’m rock hard with anticipation for next week so. Cool.


Here’s a singleplayer gameplay on the PC if some of one are interest in it:


So far, so good. It handles wonderfully, and the action is just fantastic.


haven’t dived into multiplayer yet, but the campaign alone is WELL WORTH the price of admission


So I all nighter’d it and beat it.

My impressions after this first play through, on “Hurt Me Plenty”:


The campaign is fantastic. The codex/data thing adds serious depth to the game, lore wise, and the the story is actually kinda entertaining. The artifacts in Hell add some really cool backstory to how you came to be where you are at the beginning of the game.

The gameplay itself is flawless, and every enemy is fun to fight. Pinky’s are actually kinda difficult, especially when paired with other demons. I love the demons designs, and the melee combat is brutal as hell. I mean, come on, you can rip a fucking hell knights head off and bludgeon a baron with his own antler thing. Who wouldn’t want to?

The characters are great, even if there’s only like really 4 characters in the game. Their lines are well delivered, and thanks to the codex, they’re actual character is very real to the the player.

The guns are “ohmyfuckinggod” great. I love every single one, and with the weapon mods, it makes the harrowing fights even better. They’re just enough to give you an edge, but they don’t make you a tank either, it’s very well balanced. You’ll still have your hands full, even WITH a full arsenal at your disposal.

My only cons are that I wish your character had personality, buuuttttt at the same time, I dunno how they’d manage that. I also wish that the chainsaw worked on smaller enemies without ammo dumps, even without fuel, and would only provide big kills and ammo dumps with the right amount of fuel.

Other than that, I was happy, and I love how it’s so open to a sequel.


The only disappointment was the multiplayer.

Seriously, I think it´s worth it just for the campaign and snapmap (snapmap feels slightly unpolished though).


Yeah I dunno how I feel about snap map yet. Maybe after I fiddle with it a little more, I dunno.

Also, do yourselves a favor, drop into the foundry, into the molten metal. Please. You won’t regret it.


I’m playing the campaign right now and I’m absolutely loving it, hordes of mobs, and very oldschool in both item design and gameplay.


Terminator 2 reference?

Btw, I finished the campaign, holy shit GET THIS GAME ITS GOOD


Isn’t it great? And yeah, that was what I was meaning with that.

Oh and isn’t that a great ending? I’ll admit tho, a certain other boss fight was way more fun than the final boss fight, buuuutttt the glory kill for the final boss is just sweetness.


I’m on the second level. I just got the chainsae, machine gun, and plasma rifle secrete. Its fun so far, but I wish it had quick saves on top of checkpoints.


Looks like Certain Affinity is no longer working on the MP anymore. Instead, it’s has been taken over by Id software.


Very nice.


that’s what I was wondering, is id going to take over… now I can consider the season pass…


And here it is, one of the few developers who still truly care and fully support their products post launch.

I’ve watched a full walkthrough of Doom after the release and it was fucking awesome, definitely what I was looking for. But the MP seemed like it never truly left the Beta stage, still lacking quite a damn lot.

Fortunately for me that wouldn’t have been such a big problem since I’ve always been a SP guy, but a lame and half-baked MP definitely wouldn’t go hand in hand with a superb SP experience. And beside, I wouldn’t have been able to completely ignore the MP anyway, since the campaign would become boring after a couple of replays due to remembering the levels and so on (after all it’s not like Skyrim, a fully modable game where I can install hundreds of mods so that each playthrough is different at least in a way or another and thus still feel fresh the 666th time).

I’m keeping an eye out to see what the future preserves for Doom.



More info:


Yay, SnapMap won´t be shit anymore (Ok, it still is shit, its just pre-constructed rooms snapped together).


It seems we can now finally have Hell tilesets for maps soon. :slight_smile: This is cool…