DooM (4)


LOVE THE GAME. I only have 2 gripes. 1, the audio just doesn’t sound right on my rig, I have tried with on board soundcard and a 7.1 sound card. it just feels like there isn’t enough channels going at once and a lot of the audio gets clumped together as if I’m missing some channels, this is minor, still sounds good, just not AS good as I think it should.

2, the sli support is not so great, there is no NVidia profile for it yet, and It runs better on 1x980 than on 2. I would like to upgrade to 2x1080’s, but with the sli support lacking, it seems currently that 2x1080s would be a waste of money if its something they aren’t going to support. 2x980s on games that have been out a for a bit outperform a 1080 on every benchmark. although 2 1080s make some games playable at 4k resolution with over 110fps. I would just prefer to know that sli will be supported well before pulling the trigger.

cant wait to play through this game at 1440p



The game keeps crashing on me. It won’t load the first Hell level because it crashed as soon as it is supposedly done loading, claiming too much video memory is being used. Someone at the Seriously! forums suggested reinstalling the game, so I’m giving that a go.

But the game is a lot of fun when it is working (although the Argent Tower was a bit annoying).



check your virtual memory before you reinstall



Might help to know your system specs. Have you tried verifying the games cache. Plus there was a new patch released earlier today.



I’m a bit late here, but Doom 4/Doom 2016 was very much awesome. It did a great job mixing the old style of gameplay with newer contrivances like upgrades… Well, mostly upgrades, now that I think about it.

I thought it was a neat idea that weapon upgrades only affect the gun’s secondary fire, in most cases. It prevents you from putting all your points into a favorite weapon or two, and then ignoring the rest because they’re underpowered by comparison.





I’m glad the first iteration didn’t last long. It resembles an awful lot CoD…



While CoD isn’t necessarily a bad thing itself, I’d’ve loved to see the outrage if the new Doom was a CoD clone.



Honestly tho, that first wouldn’t have been that bad for the glory kills. I like the speed and intensity but the powerful moves and more dramatic flair would have lent a lot to keeping me doing them, but not overdoing it either.