Ear ringing sound Effect - Fix possible in player.cpp


Hello dear developers.
Please me a favor and just set this to false:
bool ear_ringing = distanceFromPlayer < MIN_EAR_RINGING_DISTANCE ? true : false;

I and a lot of other people hate this sound effect.
If you don’t want to remove it, please make it an option :slight_smile:


Playing with multiplayer with this sound, while having a headset really sucks.


Also couple if times happened to me during intensive combat that ear ringing does not stop (or high frequency filter) and reconnecting to server is necessary to make it vanish.


I would vote towards making it optional instead of removing it.
I like post-blast tinnitus as a detail. (I also miss the old HL2 “underwater” sound which was removed, I believe, around 2007.)

That said, apparently in DM it can linger after respawn, which is a bit of an issue. Haven’t run into the bug myself, but if it’s still an issue it needs to be looked at.


This is still in the beta, can we get an option to disable it? At least in singleplayer.

Sincerely, the guy who hates the sound.