Engine Error?


First off, I did try to find the minidump file but there was none, I did not try to restart the game after this crash. The error was as follows: Engine Error - too many indices for index buffer…tell a programmer ( 32832>32768 ) . I don’t know if this is a Black Mesa issue or a Source engine issue. I had just entered blast pit and had noclipped into a part of the map not accessable normally and buzzed through a wall, upon coming back out of the wall the crash occurred and the error message at my desktop.



You noclipped into a normally inaccessible part of the map and wonder why it broke. I can’t possibly imagine why that would be…



I’ve noclipped in pretty much all Source engine games and have never encountered the error.



Still, you attempted to do something that was not intended. You use console commands at your own risk. There is no need to fix something that isn’t actually broken.

Not a bug.