Expendables spin-off

As hopefully you have all noticed The Expendables 2 was recently released to a lukewarm response from critics andcheers and applause from everyone else. Due to the fact that it made vast sums of money (and was actually much better to boot) they are now considering an all female spin-off team. So the question is (assuming that the director takes things at least somewhat seriously) who would you hire to fill the lead roles?

Just a few guidelines however.
1.) No male candidates please
2.) Give an (appropriate) example of their acting career.
3.) Being ‘sexy’ is not enough… i.e.e NO charlies angels.
4.) Last and hardest to follow, SAY WHY you think such and such are awesome.

So starting things off here are a few of mine.

Gina Carina (Haywire), while she can’t act worth shit; none-the-less this MMA master can kick heads in with the best of them as shown spectacularily by 2011s Haywire (another dumb but hopefully fun film).

Yu Nan (Expendables 2), Unlike Carina she is a legitimate actor and as shown in the expendables she can kick ass with the best (Maggie was my favourite supporting expendable)

Maggie Q (Die Hard 4), another genuine actor who can fight she has shined in the TV series Nikita breaking limbs when neccesary but also manipulating others (male and female) like a pro. Awesome

Carrie-anne Moss (The Matrix). The Matrix, what more needs to be said?

Sigourney Weaver.
Michelle Rodriguez ofc.
I’d say Jenette Goldstein, but I already listed Sigourney Weaver and that would be weird.

Not a bad idea.

I would say Uma Thurman should be included.

Linda Hamilton
Frances McDormand
I’ll second Xal and r_d on their choices
Given pop culture’s recent hard-on for Betty White, I think she needs a cameo.

Lucy Liu.

It’s amazing the way you NOTICE TWO THINGS

Linda Hamilton (Sarah Connor of Terminator 1|2), Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully of X-Files), and let me repeat Sigourney Weaver (for obvious films).

Sadly, I’m feeling a lack of racial diversity. I’m tempted to nominate Halle Berry, but… but Halle Berry.


Uma Thurman
Linda Hamilton
Lucy Liu
Carrie Ann Moss
Michelle Rodriguez
Thandie Newton

Sabrina Sabrok
Eve Deluxe
Jordan Carver
Denise Milani

How the fuck could I forget about Pam Grier?

I don’t know any of those names, and you didn’t even try to help me realize where I could have recognized them from. You have successfully alienated me enough that I don’t even care to google them. I hope you’re happy.

Honestly I think it should be:

Carrie Ann Moss
Michelle Rodriguez
Uma Thurman
Sigourney Weaver

…and then throw in some other hot chicks (who aren’t necessarily known for action) like Olivia Wilde(tron 2, house), Megan Fox(dur), Mary Elizabeth Winstead(death proof, scott pilgrim)…

Action and sex.

Pam grier

Look up Sabrina Sabrok and you’ll get a fair idea what the rest of them are like.

You know, all of these pole-armed women seem incapable of supporting an entire action film. I nominate Julie T. Wallace to break the trend.

Come to think of it, Milla Jovovich seems like an obvious pick for some film like this, I’m surprised she hasn’t been named yet.

Milla Jovovich is a woman?

Nono, that picture was Julie T. Wallace.

This is Milla Jovovich:

Get my drift?

I mentioned her because she had a leading role in the movie the previous pic is from.

justin bieber

I nominate Kiera Knightley because of her acting skills…PAH! Sorry, bad joke. My shoe was actually an acting double for Kiera in her new film Anna Karenina. Most of the actual acting parts are performed by my shoe, while Kiera did most of the pouting scenes herself.

Sarah Jessica Parker, a good horse is always needed in battle.