Exploding Barney in Office Complex


Just awesome.

LoL, hopefully the devs see this ^_

That was hilarious! XD Barney’s a creeper poser.



Saw this vid a couple of days ago, couldn’t stop laughing.

What was he pushing there? :slight_smile:

A wooden trashcan, apparently.

This is too funny! :smiley:

By the way, why did he even do that? Was there something interesting behind that door? He must’ve had a desperate need to go and find out…

EDIT: Nope, it seems to be a small table - not a wooden trashcan. Sorry about that. :confused:

The video’s been removed. Who uploaded it?

Notice the date of the posts?

Anyway, let me google that for you

That looks like Office Complex

You could do this trick with any npc with using any throwable prop, i could do this as early as unforseen consequences

i fixed the problem by disabling gibbing

This bug was already reported long ago: https://bitbucket.org/bmscd/black-mesa-source/issue/230/enemies-explode-when-hit-by-thrown-object