Falling down long ladders and die (with dedicated graphics card on)


Hallo guys,

I’ve got an incredibly stupid problem. With my dedicated laptops graphics card on I fall down long ladders. I only came across this in Blast Pit, where you have to turn on the big fan to get floated up by it. Turning it on was not a problem, but before that there is a ladder going down from the main platform. I don’t mean the very last to get to the fan, but the one before. Only after turning my dedicated graphics off, I was able to climb down. Because my laptop obviously overheated with the internal graphics card on I reactivated the dedicated. Now that I have defeated the monster you have to climb down a ladder again (where the monster was in). Guess what happened? Exactly, I just fell down…This is so stupid, it’s not even that the game crashes, but it’s just as if the ladder wasn’t there. It’s not fun anymore always bothering about restarting and changing my graphics card settings just to climb the ladders. The smaller ones aren’t a problem btw.

My specs:
Lenovo S430
Intel i5-3210M
Intel HD Graphics 4000
Windows 7 SP1

If anybody knows something about it, any help appreciated!
Thanks for your attention,



Ok, I updated to the new version of the nvidia driver and now it’s ok. But still a strange bug…