Fallout 4


As Rage maker mentioned, it’s gonna be bugged all to hell and back.

With that being said, it’s currently sitting in my steam profile ready for preload and I CAN’T WAIT



Haha hell yeah I’m getting it right off. Going at midnight to pick up my copy, and then hopefully play it the rest of the night since I work the 3 nights after it releases.



The longer I wait, the cheaper I can get it, and the more thoroughly fixed and modded it will be. The only way I would possibly get it up front is if I feel like getting in on the first level for modding it myself, which is an idea I’m toying with. Even then, I would probably wait until the first script extender comes out.



I was gonna wait on it, let it do its updates and such, but I honestly am too hyped for it to wait that long. I haven’t looked forward to a game this much before I my life, honestly, as stupid as that may sound. It looks like it’s going to be amazing.



I got it for $48 thanks to GMG and got the season pass for free too with my Batman: Arkham Knight refund. I’ve played 1000+ hours on Fallout 3, so I’ve been pretty hyped about this game. I’m taking the day off from school Tuesday, already got it preloaded and ready to go.



Someone I know played a few hours after it unlocked - unfortunately the game crashes very frequently (on interactions with some objects / area transitions / menus, and probably one crash every 10 minutes or so just walking around).
Averaged around 40fps using Ultra preset @ 1920x1080 on i5 3570, GTX 960 4GB, Windows 10. Performance seemed pretty inconsistent.

Think I’ll wait for patches, and maybe a GPU upgrade…



I’ve been hearing exact opposite, that it’s incredibly well optimized and doesn’t crash much.



Welcome to Bethesda.

Honestly the graphics weren’t that impressive in the first place since they are using the same engine, which is somewhat disappointing. I’m personally gonna wait till some of the first unofficial patches and texture packs come out.



I’m hoping the PS4 version won’t crash, but I also have been hearing a mix of both sides in terms of how well it’s running.

And honestly, the graphics really aren’t that bad. It looks a MILLION times better than FO3 did, vanilla.



It’s released! (In Australia, at least). Still downloading because I didn’t leave it downloading overnight and only pre-ordered yesterday for $60 on GMG with a voucher. Jealous of you Pianowed :stuck_out_tongue:
The only thing I’m not looking forward to is the animations, specifically the facial ones. Even in the recently-released gameplay trailer you could see how weird it was.
Still, hyped!



Yes, and GoldSource and Source are also “the same engine.”

Engines don’t get replaced wholesale for each new game. That’s ridiculous. They evolve over time to meet new needs. The engine running Fallout 4 is not the “same” engine as the one that runs Skyrim. In either case, one of the things it does best is compromise between graphical integrity and huge open-worldness.



Wow so butthurt. It is the same engine… Bethesda even SAID so in their e3 conference that it is running off their creation engine, which has powered their previous titles. And it’s been 4 years, time for an upgrade. The creation engine has had a lot of issues, only fixed through mods.

There are also many limitations posed by the engine.



I actually agree with this sentiment a bit. I played through like an hour so far and got to explore the outside finally and the engine is really stressing itself bad. I dunno if this is just a bug thing, but I got a feeling this game would perform a shit ton better if on a newer engine such as Unreal Engine 4, Cryengine, or FOX Engine.

Like my graphics card can get Witcher 3 maxed out 50 - 70 FPS, nothing below, but it chomps at Fallout 4 pretty bad.



The engine needs a complete overhaul. Do not equate better graphics to overall improved engine code. The graphics subset is just a slice of the whole pie and they keep replacing that graphics slice while many of the other slices are over 10 years old and petrified already. Skyrim was still suffering from issues that dated all the way back to Morrowind when they started using that engine. Hell, it’s not even the first time the engine had a name change. It was called NetImmerse before they called it Gamebryo.

I understand not reinventing the wheel everytime you make a new game but at some point that wheel is no longer fitting these new cars and roads so well and it’s actually causing problems that have no right to exist anymore.

Bethesda had no excuse to not invest more on better tech this gen and they are paying for it already in the form of bad framerate and embarrassingly low detail distance on consoles, and unfortunately people will still not complain loud and wide enough to make Beth take action and change that decrepit old engine base.



Turns out his crashing was caused by the game not liking his audio drivers - Bethesda released a beta update which seems to have fixed it.

Like the problems the game apparently has with >60fps? (character moving faster than normal, lockpicking minigame running too fast, getting stuck when exiting terminals… possibly other issues yet to be discovered / I haven’t heard of)
Was disappointed when I heard about those.

EDIT: if anyone was looking for the Nvidia Fallout 4 Graphics, Performance & Tweaking Guide (the normal page seems to have gone missing): http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:http://www.geforce.com/whats-new/guides/fallout-4-graphics-performance-and-tweaking-guide#fallout-4-graphics-setting
EDIT2: the Google cache updated to a blank maintenance page :frowning:
Hopefully Nvidia will re-upload the guide at some point…



Well I got it on PS4 and so far I’ve had very few hiccups. Bout the only things I’ve seen so far are one of the explosions glitched out and looked wonky, and it lagged a tad at one point for some reason. Otherwise, this games fucking fantastic, it’s running well, it’s playing beautifully and it looks pretty damn nice to boot honestly.



sigh I knew I shouldn’t have bought into the hype. My friend bought me a copy cause I wasn’t willing to do so, and I’m wishing he hadn’t. The idea of the intro is fantastic, but the execution is garbage. I get trying to get the player emotionally invested, but this basically generated the same feeling I got from fallout 3, I didn’t care. The game didn’t make me care that my spouse got shot in the face and my baby got kidnapped.

What’s even more annoying is Bethesda’s attempt to copy Bioware’s dialogue wheel. In this, you only get 4 options only, and they are generally the same with a shortened idea of what you are actually saying. So far I’m about 2 hours in and that’s all I’ve seen. In the first 30 minutes of New Vegas/3 I had dialogue boxes with 6 options at least. They also got rid of HardCore mode, seriously? This is a fucking downgrade

While I haven’t heard any optimization problems on my end considering I’m using a GTX 980 Ti to run this with an i5 4590, I know plenty of other people are experiencing problems there as well.

I’m really disappointed, and from what I’ve read the characters and story-writing is the level of what Bethesda usually does - one dimensional and basically a pseudo RPG. It’s also clear this was ported from consoles

I will say though the gunplay is great, but the crafting system is annoying to use as the UI is clunky as shit.

However jury is still out, the dog as a companion was pretty well done and the music and sounds again are excellent. The locations will probably be just as interesting.

Can we please get Obsidian to do the next Fallout game again?



Having heaps of fun so far, the game looks beautiful (though I’d say they aren’t 2015 graphics, but a lot better than Fallout 3), sort of looks like Dishonored’s style in some parts. Locations are huge and sprawling, and I love that you can build your base using your scrap.
Facial animations aren’t actually that bad, definitely not as bad as the leaked videos showed.
I’m off to apocalyptic Boston now!



Well I’m not done with it yet, but I think I’ve gotten far enough in to leave some sort of review for anyone who’s curious about buying it.

This is a PS4 version review, so I don’t go into compatibility issues or optimization and the like

This game is well worth the wait, I’ll be honest. It’s got a lot of stuff that you loved (and some stuff you wish wasn’t there anymore) from Fallout 3. They seemed to take the strong points from each Fallout 3 and New Vegas and melded it into one game, with much improved graphics and gameplay.


It looks stellar, on PS4, with minor lag here and there (tho far less than the 360/PS3 had with Fallout 3 ) and some minor texture pop-ins that aren’t uncommon in a large, open world game.

It plays beautifully. It feels like a FPS, tho maybe not as polished as more modern games of the genre (i.e CoD and Destiny). However it’s a great increase over previous titles by a mile.

The weapon/ armor crafting is amazing, it’s engaging, and it makes it so fun to custom make and name your own tools of the trade. I’ve taken, personally, to naming my weapons accordingly to revolution-era ideas and generic apocalypse boom sticks (I.e The Judge and Representation are my .44 and 10mm respectively). It’s great fun making a pipe pistol go from a little thing to a full blown rifle with an ACOG sight. Similarly, it’s amazing building up your own armor, with different pieces you can snap on at will. Currently rocking that Mad Max Road Leather and Leather accessories look with a double barrel, shortened and with glow sights and it is great for immersion (to me).

The voice acting is very well done in the game, even if the facial animations don’t always match very well. Your character having a VA is kinda nice, I think it brings out life in your character that lacked in previous games. Granted it does take away sooommmeeee imagination, but I thought it added in more ways than it took out.

Third person isn’t trash anymore (still like first person a lot better but eh, I give it props). Likewise, animations in terms of movement and weapons look damn nice.
The characters are great, and your companions are interesting. However, the dialogue wheel makes me feel like it’s harder to learn about the characters and develop feelings for them.


Base building, while its cool, is not explained well at all and takes quite some time to work out.

Parts are hard to come by, for mods, and everything requires adhesive (which is rare as all hell and basically you’re boned without it in terms of making new weapon mods and armor mods). While some may argue that it makes it so you can’t just spam mods, I argue saying that while it does make choosing your designs ahead of time a more important thing, it detracts from player experimentation when you can’t even try things due to such a shortage of adhesive.

Facial animations are wonky but survivable

There’s less for dialogue options, which makes me feel limited versus how the other games were. It’s not a huge con but it’s kinda a meh thing to me. The biggest part of this con is how it makes the companions feel less personable and like I can’t learn about them.

I give the game a 9/10, and I recommend it if you liked Fallout 3 but wanted the gameplay to be a bit more polished and the crafting and gun mods from New Vegas in the same game, with better graphics, a good story, and a better pip-boy light.



This game is mediocre at best. Bethesda pretty much gutted Roleplaying from the game at all… I’m going to ask my friend to get a refund for himself, because this is not worth 60 dollars with cringeworthy dialogue, a bad dialogue wheel, and an over all step back from what New Vegas brought in.

This game is at best a 6/10, but I’m giving it a 5.