[FAQ] Semi-complete Black Mesa FAQ - READ FIRST


I know it’s recommended to have 512mb of VRAM, but just FYI I have sucessfully completed BM without a single visual glitch on 32mb vram (radeon mobility x1300) I know it has 128mb of shared from regular RAM, but the total still doesn’t come up to 512mb.


Guys, as Flatline said before, here isn’t the place to discuss about Windows 8. There is already a whole subforum for this. Posts deleted (again).

[COLOR=‘Red’]Another try to derail this thread or begin a flame war, people will be banned.


Updated, added Q21 with workaround for the “some settings are reset to defaults on game restart” problem.


Just a heads up:

I finished the edits on the Troubleshootings page, which is the collection of workarounds collected here and other sticky threads for easy navigation. I reorganized, merged some duplicate Q&A’s and edited them to fit more in the wiki standards.

Thus, that FAQ now replaces this one. Please redirect people, edit/add workarounds only there instead of here. For discussion about the Q&A, please use the article’s talk page.

Thanks Lexa2, Leijonasisu and others here that contributed in the Q&A’s, which hard work helped to create that collection.


Great work Conti! You could see about locking this thread, and sticky-ing a link to your official FAQ. I’d still include lexa2’s info somewhere, he did a lot of debugging (or at least gathering) to come up with those solutions!



Alright, thread locked. Lexa2/Leijonasisu: PM if/when you need something related to this thread.