Faulty Windows Update "KB2735855" can lead to issues!

ATTENTION users who are experiencing broken cube / maps / textures / props, missing weapon models, a high frequency of crashes.
You may be a victim of a bad download due to dropped packets and faulty download execution within your browser as a result of a recent Microsoft Windows Update “KB2735855”!

Microsoft has acknowledged that the WINDOWS Update “KB2735855” (for windows 7/8 [32 and 64bit]) is faulty. This update can lead to corrupted downloads within your browser.
This could explain some of the problems that our users are seeing with a functioning but extremely buggy game.
The support site for the update is here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/2735855 Please read and choose if this applies to you.


For users not experiencing any of the above

  1. Just Remove / uninstall the Windows update KB2735855
  2. Go on with your life

For users that ARE experiencing problems outlined above, please follow these instructions

  1. Remove / uninstall the Windows update KB2735855

  2. Back up your Black Mesa save files

  3. Uninstall/Remove Black Mesa by deleting the BMS folder found here: \Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\BMS

  4. Re download Black Mesa:

a) Torrent: http://www.mediafire.com/?khmzyygg4vetko0

b) Gamefront: http://www.gamefront.com/black-mesa-is-live-download-it-here

i) Scroll down to see three separate download links. Download all three.

The complete game installation package consists of the three files:

  1. blackmesa.7z 2) BlackMesa.md5 3) blackmesa-setup.exe

  2. Install Black Mesa game by clicking on blackmesa-setup.exe and be sure it is installed to this directory:


  1. Launch Steam and find the game “Black Mesa” listed in your games library

Note: You may also need to check the Source SDK 2007 install base in steam for consistency

Thank you, and have a very safe and productive day!

:bms: The Black Mesa Team :bms:

a reminder - this is NOT our response to the occasional crash that can happen to some people.
those crashes are our fault and we are actively working on fixing them as we speak.

this is for weird shit like purple/black square textures, missing sounds, missing models.
generall stuff that looks and feels “obviously” broken and not part of the game.