Feedback - a fan-work novel by .RK


note This is not in any way related to Black Mesa or the half-life universe.

Hey everyone, I come to you today with a story I have been writing since the start of this year.

Feedback is a work of My Little Pony that deals with the topic of death and what happens when a close friend is taken away. The story deals with the demise of Twilight Sparkle in the aftermath of an encounter with an ancient evil. However, there’s a lot about her demise that doesn’t make sense and, as her friends figure out in the wake, things can only get worse from there.

There’s a fair bit of time travel involved with this story and it works with a lot of mechanics of the verse. If you enjoy works like Inception or Pheonix Wright, then you may enjoy this story as well.

You can find the story here. Be warned that it is currently in progress! That said, I do my very best to update weekly.



A My Little Pony story is just about the last thing I expected here. I notice that your work is part of the “The Shameless Self-Promotion Bureau” and “The Self-Promotion Group”…

Random works of fan fiction are not really my kind of thing but if there is something specific about it you want to discuss then I would be glad to. I strive to write well for other kinds of media and could use the practice.



Did you just shame and insult him for showing off an off-topic creation of his in the off-topic creation show off sub forum?



Yikes, did I? I put it through a lot of revisions but regretted posting it anyways because it sounded almost robotic. I’ll chop off everything superfluous.



I honestly didn’t think I’d get any sort of response since my track record hasn’t been all that good. Which is a shame because I’m really really proud of what I’ve done.

Nor did I expect any really, since this is straight promotion. It’s like advertizing a movie; pitching it in the hopes that orhers will see and enjoy it.