Firefly Announces Stronghold Crusader 2


"We are proud to announce Stronghold Crusader 2! Set to march across digital battlefields in late 2013, Crusader 2 will take legions of Stronghold fans back to the ancient deserts of the Middle East for more real-time mayhem between brutal knights and fiery Caliphs.

Our aim is to build on the trademark gameplay of the original Stronghold Crusader with new visuals, a sleek new battle interface and engine enhancements including effects, animations and real-time physics. Stronghold Crusader 2 promises you fast-paced skirmishes against fiendish AI opponents, as well as new maps, new unit classes, new traps and castle designs unlike any seen before in the series.

Stronghold Crusader is our favorite game in the series and we know many of you feel the same way. It’s the game we’ve been waiting to put into production for several long years and now that we finally have the chance to self-publish Crusader 2 we will not disappoint.

We’ve launched a teaser website at and will be posting new concept art, renders, updates and game info very soon. In the meantime please enjoy the art below and tell us what you think of the announcement in the comments below!"[/indent][/i]

Anyone else excited ? I love the Stronghold series, even if it went downhill since Stronghold 2 was lauched, but I really hope they’ll make this one properly.

Was Stronghold 3 any good?

It had tons of gamebreaking bugs. It seems as if it was released early.
Hopefully this game will not disappoint (since it’s self-published)

Noticed “Firefly” in the title and got excited.
Opened the thread and got disappointed.


I bought Stronghold 3 a month after it was released in my local shop as my internet had been down for a couple of days and it just came back and didnt want to wait for the steam download. So installed it and played throught the campaign. It was pretty much unplayable with all its bug, and that was after 2 patches. It was simply broken. So you´d think ok campaign is broken, lets play online games. Forget about it, it simply didnt work. Ok, keep your calm, lets play a non campaign game. Turns out those are just economy based, no enemies. So… basically you couldnt play the game. A few days later they released a patch that allowed enemies in such scenarios, problem was after certain enemies where in the map (just about enough to make it interesting) the game would crash, something bout engine limitations and memory leaks. I was furious, I really felt cheated, and I really wanted it to be fixed because of the potential awesomeness.

So went to the shop to return it, and they said they could only give me a new one (i.e. you return a game because of a faulty disc) so after 20 min trying to explain the problem wasnt with the physical copy, it was the game itself and pointing them to the official forum so they could see it was everyone having this issues (i.e. EVERYONE, as in, not a few due to hardware drivers or whatever) they called HQ and returned my money which in turn I spent on Skyrim (awesome!).

To be fair I tried to do the honest thing and say, would you like my steam id? (I dont know if they could invalidate the cd key or whatever) and they said no, and to this day I still actually have the game in steam as it was activated through there. Played it not long ago, after tons of patches, while the campaing and MP is playable, the engine crashes are still there which makes it boring, as the whole reason I loved stronghold games was to build an epic fortress and see how much I could take on…

So my point is actually… don´t think I´ll be buying crusader 2

The first crusader was ok, so i will keep an eye on this one

Having the words “Firefly” and “announce” in the same title with the rest of the text cut off is an easy way to set me up for severe disappointment.

The only way you could have made me feel worse would be to somehow fit “Joss Whedon” in somewhere then crept up and kicked me the crotch.

My avatar accurately represents my face when I realized what this thread was actually about.

Not awesome shit involving Nathan Fillion?