[FIX] Possible fix for lagspikes and other peformance issues on quadc(or more) CPU's


My PC lagged bug time in the last part of the game before you jump into the teleporter.

Not sure if it’s because the game might not be multi core optimised but hopefully it’ll get fixed when Xen part comes out.


That doesnt fix the short stuttering issues for me !


When an enemy dyes (right after receiving deadly damage) the game freezes for about a second, and there’s no sound of the last gun shot is played. I’ve noticed that this lag happens only at the beginning of a level. The same action when an enemy is being shot down (on that same level) doesn’t cause lags anymore, but this happens again with new type of a foe x_x. Need I say that this lag is very annoying :frowning:
oh. I’ve made suggested changes to autoexec.cfg but with no avail, although the overall fps has increased slightly.


Looks like a sound precaching problem. Has nothing to do with quad core CPUs and a such. Why had do you post it here, it’s offtopic for this thread?


I mean that lagspikes have gone, but that one I’ve reported persists.


yeah i have lots of lagspikes…


I finished the game but man a lot of lagspikes its so annoying ,the lambda core part at the end was the worst ,well in the first run its not so bad, but when i die and go to last save i had like 10 fps.I tried lot of fixes but none worked for me … and i can run all Valve games maxed out so…


Also have huge fps drop here when this monster is alive :


Could you please read this topic: http://forums.blackmesasource.com/showthread.php?t=12513

And, please-please-please, report your future problems into a separate newly created thread with a screenshot displaying +showbuidget panel for the place you have FPS dropdown problems at. This sticky is a possible solution advice informer and not a “report problems here” thread really.


As Do I,

Tell me, when killing the last soldier at the Questionable Ethics finale, Does your FPS Hit the Floor as well?


Yup x|


Odd, it used to not do that before I began tweaking it for performance.


sry my English is not so good , what do you mean select all cores but one ?
you mean i should only select one core or should i select all cores except 1 core ?


I’ve tried so many of the “fixes” in the thread and about the forums that my game is just unplayable now. audio issues, stutters, crashing ect.

This is a great mod but this shit needs fixing. Im uninstalling and wont be playing again until its released on steam. hopefully then there will be few patches


Just disable core 1 (CPU 0) and leave others enabled.


I am unable to change parameters in task manager, I get denied access. I run everything as administrator, anyone know why I am denied?

EDIT: had to “show processes from all users” (checkbox lower left of task manager)


Well I dunno why people have such lagspikes, Im running an old HD 5770 with a Phenom X4, all setting on max, and driver-side forced 8x SSAA. The game never dips below 60 FPS (drops to 25 FPS during zoom on crossbow though).

Ah! also, try running the game on your DEFAULT clocks (especially GFX card overclockers) helped me eliminate constant hangs and stuttering.


Alternatively, download http://www.robpol86.com/images/Imagecfg.zip, extract it to
<>\steamapps<>\source sdk base 2007
where <> is your steam account name

Open command line interpreter, cmd.exe, then use “cd” command, for example you have steam installed on F:
(press Enter)

cd /d f:\steam\steamapps\<<username>>\source sdk base 2007

Now we are ready to set process affinity mask value:
(press Enter)

[B]F:\Steam\steamapps\<<username>>\source sdk base 2007>[/B]imagecfg -a [COLOR='Lime']0xE hl2.exe

if you have:
[b]- 3 cores, use 0x6

  • 4 cores, use 0xE[/b]
  • 5 cores, use 0x1E
    - 6 cores, use 0x3E
  • 7 cores, use 0x7E
    - 8 cores, use 0xfe

From now on, hl2.exe process (from source sdk base 2007) should use all CPU cores but CPU0

To revert changes, just delete hl2.exe file or validate “SDK Base 2007” cache files.

imagecfg wiki[/SIZE]


So is there a way to run BMS with an i7 3770k without the stuttering issues ?
I hate these damn lags at the beginning of new levels and events.

My cfg:


Jesus, no there is no way to fix this now, Valve need to fix Source SDK 2007 or release a new version.