[FIX] Possible fix for lagspikes and other peformance issues on quadc(or more) CPU's


I have mostly fixed the stuttering using a brute force approach. When I dl’ed BMS I was using a Q6600 quad @ 2.5ghz and it stuttered badly. I have changed to an AMD FX8350 @ 4ghz and while running much higher graphic settings the FPS is 100% higher and the stuttering is gone.
Except for Surface Tension Uncut. There is still bad FPS and stuttering there. I am experimenting with overclocking and at 4.6ghz the stuttering is almost gone, and at the part with the Gargantua where I used to get 10FPS I am now getting 50FPS.
So it seems that brute force is the only solution unless the developers optimize BMS better.


I’m running a Phenom II 965 Black w/8GBs of 12800 high yield and a pair of Radeon 5750 with a RAID. I’m getting mouse shudder unless I do the affinity fix. I’m running Windows 8 64.

I’ve waited to play my copy of Half-Life until this mod was finished. That is well over 5 years…

My first PC (I built) was a 486DX with a CL 1MB VLB Adapter. My HD was 20MB. I was almost 10. I set jumpers by hand and had to build my drivers using the ICU after dialing into Sound Blaster’s BBS to download drivers. I was able to run SimCity 2000 and WfW3.11 with no room to spare on that bad boy and I am as happy now as I was then.

I respectfully suggest you leave the grandstanding elsewhere because computers are very different and SDKs for each terminal can vary incredibly based on how they are compiled individually with the present driver set. I have practically the same specs as the gentleman/woman you are attempting to shame and I find your attitude to not be helping us here in the least. If you are feeling froggy, why not volunteer your time to translate debugs for the devs? I’m sure you can help them optimize their calls better than any of us; including the two of us you are insulting who directly have 50+ combined years alone diagnosing and JOYFULLY debugging software (EVEN FREE SOFTWARE LIKE THIS, I MIGHT ADD).