[FIXED] On a Rail Loop + On a Rail Uncut = Level transition ERROR

I installed On a Rail Uncut and then On a Rail Loop mod. Ingame when finish the loop mod map and the game is trying to load Uncut one it takes me back to main menu with this written in console

Level transition ERROR Can't find connection to bm_c2a2a from bm_c2a2bAny ideas how to fix it ?

Well that is interesting. I didnt know you could stitch two mods together like that.

Developer of On a Rail loop mod said that it is Uncut compatible

You should have a separate graphs folder and the Uncut compatible version of the Loop Mod map (bm_c2a2a) in your BMS folder. Move those 2 things from there to the maps subfolder. It will fix your issue.

Edit: You’re going to have to start the game with that map over again after doing this.

Thank you. I am an idiot and i didnt read the installation manual. Thanks for help :smiley: