Forget About Freeman Soundtrack Not Playing?

When i’m at the famous “forget about freeman” big fight with the epic soundtrack at the new public beta version, the soundtrack doesn’t play at all! (i hope this isn’t intended because it was one of the best fitting songs ever). (RIP blast pit 2 ost :frowning: )

Also, there are 4/5 invisible HECU models with only the mp5 showing there. They don’t do anything. but i can kill them

Are you using mods? Are you in latest Public Beta? Have you used old save?
I would recommend going into Beta. unsubscribing all mods, verifying game files and restarting the chapter.

No mods. Finished the “Rarest Specimen” achievment today (50/50 yay). Started from scratch in the newest public beta. I can still try to verify the game files