func_breakable_surf does not interact properly with crowbar


func_breakable_surf is able to be initially shattered by the crowbar as with all other weapons, however, once shattered, the crowbar stops affecting (or registering collisions for) the remaining shards. Bullets, physics props, explosions, and the player all cause the expected interactions with the entity - the crowbar is the only thing I’ve found that does not clear away shards in BM that did in HL2 and the Episodes.

Given the rarity of func_breakable_surf outside of AM and select portions of QE in the official maps, this is probably not a high priority issue, but it’s quite immersion breaking to swing your crowbar and have it phase through the cracked glass instead of doing anything to it.

EDIT: On further testing, grenades, missiles, etc do NOT affect func_breakable_surf once shattered, only their explosions.


Could you provide a short footage of this?


As requested. As you can see, grenades don’t affect the entity, but satchels and generic physics props do.


You broke the glass and then broke off a small piece off it again with the crowbar.
Isn’t the bug just that the crowbar range was shortened? Use noclip and go closer to it and you would probably be able to break more glass off.

(I don’t know this for sure, just guessing).


The small piece breaking apart was due to a physics prop settling after I knocked into it. I’ve gotten to point blank range with the crowbar, any closer and the player collision hull would start breaking the glass instead. Note how in the video I also hit the frame through the glass a few times. That shouldn’t happen if it’s a range issue.


Well, here’s an idea.
Try testing this on other stuff in the game
that is required or can be hit with a crowbar.
Enemies, crates, small breakable objects…


The crowbar hits everything else. This is an issue specifically with the func_breakable_surf entity, both in the official maps and custom maps.
This has also been an issue since the original steam release, presumably due to the engine change - I reported it in the “How to report an issue” thread around release, but it got buried. Since the bug still exists, I figured it should get its own thread to ensure the devs were aware of it.


I’m surprised by the fact that this kind of immersion breaking isn’t fixed yet. Is it planned ? Thank you.


This bug actually annoys me more than it has any right to. I’ve been hoping that this would get fixed for years now.

im not ironic when I say that this is probably one of the things about the game that annoy me the most.