This isn’t true, especially since you see the G-Man at the very beginning of the game, before you even kill anything. He also, you know, sends you into stasis, teleports you around, etc…I don’t know any government official who can do that.

Also, I believe that Valve had a fairly clear idea of the role the G-Man would play if Half-Life spawned sequels. Not some last-minute pawn to make the ending more interesting.


My theory is sounding better is it not?


And this is just a side note, but they should bring back Father Grigori. I mean why kill off a lunatic like that when he can be beneficial to the resistance?
(in no way do I intend to change the subject of this thread)


but he touches Alyx Vance, 1 time at the end of hl2 and another 1 while the vorts are healing she in ep2

maybe the advisors makes interferences to his power I mean the advisors can ‘‘enter in your mind’’ as seen in ep 1 when he makes you see things of colour red and screams and makes you see the things a little bit morphed and another time in ep 2 when you ‘‘sense him inside your head’’ and makes your vision black and white for 1 or 2 seconds morphing the screen again


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Actually, according to Marc Laidlaw, they have no idea who the g-man is, they needed a way to make the game a little spookier and having a guy in a suit with a briefcase watching you would be a little creepy. That and he can always get ahead of you and leave before you get there, even when the only way out is where you came in.


Then why have him follow shepard like that too.


Oh idunno, maybe the g-man wants some hot marine man-ass. Maybe shep borrowed money from the g-man, and now he wants it back. Or maybe the g-man is the son of gordon and shep and he needs to time travel to make sure the two can meet and mate in stasis. OOOOOr even more maybe, the g-man is real and feeds off of the energy released every time a teenager posts about him in an online forum. 0000000000r even more even more maybe, you are the g-man and you don’t know it yet. :retard:
But all sarcasm aside:
The later is direct correspondence from valves head writer


They didn’t; Gearbox did. :meh:


True but they still had gman follow shepard while he was fighting. It has to mean something because I don’t take this fact lightly.


Maybe he wanted shephard to see if he could stop freeman, of course with my theory he must be sure of freeman is the best choose to… well gain powerz etc and scape from 1 of the best grunts ever seen (if you play the training level you will see G-man talking to your commander behind a window) is not easy anyways after looking he couldn’t get Freeman he just followed Shephard to turn to put the bomb ON over the end of OpFor.


Yeah i agree, Gordon has green eyes Gman has blue, There facial stucture is differnt and also I dont think that gman would have to “Test” Gordon as it seems hes doing if its already him


cuz itz teh haff live:facepalm:


ZOMG HAFF :fffuuu:? AND A FACEPALM??? Srisly I don’t think the name[COLOR=‘black’] Abigspace H:lambda:LF-LIFE [COLOR=‘Black’] AnotharBigspace lolol is the answer for Lt. Dan


I need a better answer than “it’s half life” to satisfy me thirst for knowledge of who the gman is.


Then you’re going to be sadly disappointed, Lt. Dan.


The G-Man is a mysterious character that appears as a human in a blue suit and shows up in any situation, and can also alter your perception of reality. He also has the means to put people in stasis.

There. Satisfied?