Ok that’ll do for now. But that still leaves the questions everyone asks, such as why does he put them in stasis and who are his employers. All will hopefully be answered in ep. 3, but until then we have this thread to talk about those questions and theories.


there’s another theory in HL2spain.com (yes I am spannish) wich isn’t official but it says everything is happening on a Gordon dream, I mean he didn’t put a freggin helmet when the freggin green laser took him, then he awaked and saw aliens coming…

isn’t it a bit strange that the aliens didn’t come with portals from xen right before the laser hits you? Then, if this theory is true, he is in the black mesa hospital wounded with several burns in his face and that could explain the name HALF-life because he’s 1 path to death and 1 path to life… also he explains something that valve said of a easter egg in the e3 trailer wich he thinks is this 1, the only 1 wich didn’t repeat 2 times:

and for what we know it says:

under observation. Galvanic activation with seve…
…cidence of seizure and muscular catatonia, reco…
…titration of 30 ml sample, sustained alpha activit…
…reeman, Gordon: increased activity in neural iso… <…reeman, Gordon so it obviusly means Freeman, Gordon :freeman:
…no response. Subject to availability and urgency…
(lambda symbol :lambda :slight_smile: unknown vector at this time. Requirements of
…eyond current threshold for amgydalic suppressi…
…ark energy remnant in the simulation until basa…
…f evaluation despite objections of caretakers give

soooo if this is true probably the end of hl and sagas will be Gordon waking up or dying of course this would say the G-man is a normal government man who in the gordon dreams is his boss and has super powers.


So basicly, there is no half-life and everything is in your head theory? :meh:


Gordon wakes up.
“Oh, it was all just a dream… OR WAS IT???” as Gman materializes and says/does something obviously inhuman and everything fades to black and creepy loud music suddenly plays and the “end-forever/no-more-sequels” credits start rolling…

Damn, I would be so fucking pissed if they ended Half-life like that.
“It-was-all-just-a-dream” is the worst way to end anything…


Isn’t my theory, is the hl2spain.com guy theory

yeah it sux on ice but hey is just the theory of a guy of hl2spain.com… a very worked theory… wich can be the best possibility of it’s ending… saying that the G-man super powers where just in his dream… Man if this really is the end of hl I will suicide myself with the tf2 spy ambassador (for those guys who say it doesn’t really exist it was just a joke)


Half Life and gordon as a dream is a cheap cop out. Valve is better than that


The writers of LOST are better than that! That’s the biggest and cheesiest cop-out ever.


I think G-Man is just that………Government Man. Like the CIA. He has a mission and uses the people, he can count on, to get the job done. Now, whether his mission is for the good or bad of mankind remains to be seen. To him any means justifies the end (that’s why Eli didn’t like him). Maybe we’ll have all our questions answered in E3.


The writers of lost are worse than the writers of the x-files. How many years of almost something then to nothing? the only redeeming quality of that show is the half life easter eggs.


Government… as in a similar government scenario but from another world or dimension, possibly. Man… no. He is not.

I’m fully aware of the incompetence of Lost’s writers; that was my point. Even THEY should know better than to use the “it was all a dream” concept.


well if the theory of this guy is saying the truth (I hope not) the Gman is only a real man from the government who has given to them the crystal… why would gordon imagine he could have powers to stop the time and all that crap? I don’t know it but please don’t talk more about it, let’s get back to the post: put your theory of WHO do YOU think G-man is and forget the dream theory I just putt’d it here because his was a justification of those who say

the G-man is a normal guy if ya want to talk about this theory create another post :smiley:

[COLOR=‘Red’][COLOR=‘Yellow’]Don’t do any quote of this repply and keep on the real thread: [COLOR=‘Navy’]Who do you think G-man is? :wink:


Screw you, I’ll quote you if I want! :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t have much of a hypothesis, I find it more fun disproving other people’s. :smiley: I do believe Nihilanth when he tells you G-Man isn’t human. I also notice that a lot of people (well a fair few) mention how Eli seems to know a lot about him, but I don’t really see anyone mention the fact that G-man is seen on a TV watched by a rebel and his vortigaunt (Route Kanal), shaking hands with another rebel at a shore point (Highway 17). There’s also the fact that Kleiner, Barney, Alyx, and a good number of the rebels you meet along the way were all expecting you to return (at some point). Considering it was G-man who released you from stasis to put you on the train, it seems quite probable that almost everyone in HL2 knows more about who/what the G-man is than Gordon does.


Sorry, my bad.


a little bit of topic but is there a possibilty that alien grunts are vortgaunt synths?


It was odessa

I think they are… after all they were being ‘‘build’’ in the xen building where you found the controllers and the vortigaunts before going to kill nihilianth (maybe even before the gonarch too, I don’t remember it)


How is that even remotely ON topic? This is a G-man thread.

Is he not a rebel? :wink:

And is that all you can say about my thoughts? :meh:


I agree that the Black Mesa incident and the incident at Aperture Science probably do have a relation. If only I knew the time period of the BM incident relative to the one at Aperture Science. Maybe we’ll find out in Episode 3 or Portal 2. :frowning:


I’ve figured it out!
Gordon and Alyx had a baby after defeating the combine in EP3. Then, G-man came along, stole him, and sent him back in time. He grew up to be Gordon Freeman, then eventually became G-Man and sent himself back in time. It all makes sense!

Nah, not really. My real theory is the Father Grigori is actually G-Man helping Gordon along.


Source? Also, when you say “they” do you mean the writers at Valve?


the Gman is a SPY!