didn’t some1 already said that?


…like a bazilion times


Go to the steam forums and search for the Marc Laidlaw vault.
and by they I mean al of valve


I have one theory, it may be ridicules, but tough. G-man - is illusion. He is Freeman’s mind imagination, even more, his self created alter-ego. And besides that, Gordon has a very strong psychotic ability to create such an individual and even place it into our reality. If you have watched Fight Club you know what i mean. Just one thing this theory not fits, that Eli himself mention about him.


… and that Alyx Vance, Wallace Breen, Barney Calhoun, Adrian Shephard, Colette Green, Gina Cross and Vortigaunts also see him and/or are aware of his presence.


Well, the strong psychotic ability, you know… :slight_smile:


Mind Boggling Pyro! :wink:


Gman is simply a modified antagonist. There is no structured “back story” (indeed there shouldn’t be; his purpose is to serve as a lynchpin for the story).


They were originally going to call him plot device man, but that was too cliche.


By the way, I loved the G-Man’s voice in the original Half-Life, and although (if I remember correctly) it’s the same voice actor in Half-Life 2, it just feels a bit less “G-Man-ish” for some reason. Maybe he smoked a lot all those years or just got older…

By the way, don’t answer if this has already been answered, but in Black-Mesa, are they just going to re-use the original G-Man voice?


No, the devs have make their own sounds and voices for the BM. Btw, a man, who voiced G-man, also have voiced Barney Calhoun.


Wow I didn’t know he also voiced Barney! I guess the original voices were quite low quality anyway, is that why they’re remaking them, or is it just because they want everything to be remade for more customised control?


It would also be illegal to use them, as they’d have to port them over from HL1.


I also think this is the main reason, but why did they take the vortigaunt from EP2 then?

And could someone shut down this self-detecting detector?


I’m guessing the vort (same with the headcrab, barnacle, g-man and anything else they’ve “nicked”) are available with the Source SDK. Anyone who plays BM won’t necessarily have Half-Life 1’s files already, so it would be illegal for them to distribute them for free.


^ This.




Thanks, I don’t think I’ve ever been “this”-ed before!

Sorry, what part of the thread are you facepalming? The “^ This”?


Is it too implausible to think that G-man is the leader of the Combine and that he is the one who started the whole thing. Maybe Nihilanth was actually trying to stop the combine from getting to earth but G-man framed him for being evil. I mean, he had no control over where the headcrabs went and maybe he sent the Vorts in to try and find G-man and kill him. It could all just be flipped the wrong way around in our heads, or even there is no good or evil, just two sides fighting with earth in the middle.


Already been said a million times.

We already know that the Xenians and the Nihilanth were fleeing from the Combine.