The G-man is Suspect Zero! Flashforward epic cliffhanger music. Dum-Dum-Di-DA-DO-Do-do.


Never would’ve seen it coming
EDIT: woah those two pictures look almost the same, but it could just be all the morphiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine


I think I’m gettin’ tired of reading that crap 'bout the morphine


Just take some c-c-com’on man you’ll f-f-feel better


do that once more and you are reported




You can’t just report me because I’m annoying you. What part of the rules says that?

Also what is G-Man going to do with Xen? Now that it’s in his control


Raminator said so when I got banned for not choosing to report someone after yelling about their grammar. So watch your step boyo.


why none…none at all >_>


spamming the forums?


You don’t suppose G-man is some kind of mind-person sent to Gordon from the aliens?
It could allso be that G-man is just Gordons thoughts, or his alter ego.

Schizophrenic maybe??


remember what I posted of the theory of the guy from hl2spain.com:

if you don’t know what Catatonia and Galvanic activation means use wikipedia, is very important to understand what could be happening to Gordon.


sorry to burst your bubble but they do appear before you black out


play the game again you see portals and explosions but no alien coming out of them, after going black out you see them going out of the portals (Xen really existed before, there’s from where Gman got the crystal but without alien from it is just a dimension with crystals nothing moar and in the Gordon dream it has aliens).


play the game again you see darkness and a xen floor and alien standing there


what happens in order:
1 lazerz and portals without nothing
2: a laser got you and you see everything in black
3: you wake up and you see alien coming out of there
4: you hear the sound of a portal and you enter on it
5: everything is black for a moment and you see alien slaves in the floor looking at you
6: you got teleported again in front of 2 bullsquids
7: you return to black mesa but this time it’s full of aliens.



I actually have no idea what we’re talking about other than aliens appearing, so I pointed out that they do appear.


Thank god no Alien grunts appeared. Heh, Gordon would just jolly in his pants


G-Man is very weird and scary looking though he might be from the Government as Adrian would say, I suspect the Nihilanth said something about G-Man, Nihilanth said in HL1 "You are man, He is not man, for you… he wait’s… Very creepy, don’t you think? I think that G-Man is not a real human, Maybe just maybe he’s an Alien or something, For example, In HL1 if you spawn G-Man in a room or anywhere and spawn an enemy there, The enemy doesn’t attack him, Instead he attack’s you. And also, He teleports into various places with no help of a device.


No offense, but He has the powers to teleport anything through space, pause time, and can only be held back by the combined powers of 10 vortigaunts

Then again, most humans can do that when enough sugar is in their system