also the G-man can put ppl on extasis wich is a thing what I can only do when I’m dreaming about hl2 ep3 or black mesa.


Actually, before being transported to Xen the first time (where you see the healing pool and the bullsquids) you see a vortigaunt or two drops from a portal in the test chamber and teleports out before it reaches the floor.

So, a vort is the first alien you actually see.


^ You sir, are correct!


Maybe Gman putted a chip in Gordons brain, so he can control what Gordon is seeing and feeling? And that the Advisors interfere with that chip? Whatever, i don’t know :stuck_out_tongue:


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Oh, I know! I know! This ‘government man’ is a guy…with a suit…and a tie…and a briefcase…and a funny speech pattern…and a habit of adjusting his tie and brushing off his suit…and a habit of looking at Mr. Freeman from afar and causing all kinds of problems for Cpl. Shephard…and also doesn’t seem to pay much attention to anything else…that’s my theory, anyway. Moreso, I already know who this ‘Gman’ is. I was told everything.


before looking those vorts a LAZER hits ya, and then you wake up, you see them, you get teleported so I was right anyways and thank you for making me revive the old times vortigaunt, I think is more cool in hl1 than in hl2…


i’ll shrink it tomorrow :wink:

EDIT: The question is, what do Gman do when he is not in the cutscenes?


I love how mysterious gman is. With a character like that the Half Life series could go anywhere.


But would you rather find out all his secrets or keep him mysterious?

I’d rather discover some, but keep the main side mysterious, otherwise we’d never look at him the same way we do now.


Ya I would rather he say mysterious. I love how they have developed that character.


Wait, [rage]THE G-MAN CAN’T BE GORDONS FATHER! IN H-L1 YOU CAN HEAR THE NINALANTH SAY: “You are man… He is not man… for you he waits…”[/rage]

Just sayin.


As any good writer should know (and is pretty obvious that they’ve been abiding by this) is that in order to keep something mysterious, you must answer some questions about it, while creating more.


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