and you definitely don’t want the gman turning out to be a huge furry creature with 9 eyeballs and 22 limbs breathing fire and yelling “FREEMAN! YOU WILL PERISH UNDER THE MARCH OF MY HELLISH ARMY! LET THE CHALLENGE BEGIN!” while making gorilla-like gestures with all of his 11 arms and stepdancing with all of his 11 feet.

that would be… catastrophic.


Use your good and awesome imagination and make a new enemy of F.E.A.R! I really like that Idea of eleven legs and eleven arms! But no in G-man anyways could go very well in F.E.A.R, think about it, they pay very well


I assume when you read that post you imagined something among the lines of this:

while i was merely making a stupid joke about one day gordon pissing off the gman thus it revealing it’s true form:

…but thanks anyway :wink:


^ What the hell is that!? :smiley:


I believe that is his version of gman o.O


just a stupid joke, nothing to see here…
if you’re interested at least read the whole thing from two posts back…back from that… thing…the post with the thing…two posts back from THAT post…



You’re adorable



I can imagine G-man transforming into that and annoying gordon…




I think G-Man is some sort of organism/being comprised of atoms that have formed complex chains who lives/exists/spends his time somewhere in a place that may or may not have water/nitrogen/a vacuum and who talks sometimes, unless he isn’t talking at the moment.

I’m right, aren’t I, Valve?


Are you a necromancer?


GMan is a Gman :3

Gman is Freeman’s father… It smells like a Star Wars :slight_smile:


It smells like a 4 month old thread come back from the dead…


Look again UrBY, it was 16 months old!


G-man is the Operator from the Marble Hornets series, the enderman from minecraft.


Either that or slenderman was influenced from g-man.


Gman is alyx and ghordan’s father like darth vader with luke and leia except he is going to let alyx and gorhdahn do the sex gnasty


What the fuck – this thread just climbed out of its crypt…





For me all that mess about catatonia is true and everything but the start of the game(Before the incident) is in Gordon’s mind. So G-Man was just a man from who knows where doing something in Black Mesa the day of the incident and the rest is just Freeman’s hallucination.


G-Man is an interdimensional being of almost godly proportions.

His gateway through dimensions ( Xen ) is taken over by a rogue Combine creation, the Nihilanth.

Being stranded in our dimension, he uses what resources are available to coax the Nihilanth into our dimension in order for the Combine to come and destroy it.

Unbeknownst to him however is Gordon Freeman. In destroying the Nihilanth, earths teleportation knowledge is up for grabs ( it would surely of been destroyed otherwise ). The Combine wish to use this knowledge to take control of Xen, the interdimensional gateway, their whole purpose for creating the Nihilanth in the first place.

The G-Man, fearing this possibility, turns to Gordon Freeman to stop the Combine, whatever the cost.