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Actually I read it in hl2spain like 2 years ago.


I believe government man is a tumbler, born under punches.

Oh come on, no one? SOMEONE’S got to know Talking Heads!


I think he is Alyx’s and Gordon’s son.


Then it’d be a time paradox. No other explaination.


Or he is gordon, from the future


Isn’t it obvious, G-Man, GangsterMan. he’s an inter-dimentional gangster. He goes into other dimensions and he uses Dr. freeman as a “tool” so that he can get paid.
Because In Half-Life 2 he said “blah, bla, bla, I have been offered a large sum of blah, for your sevices.” which suggest that he sells Gordon to whoever’s dimension needs help. I don’t know mabie every dimention has some sort of overseer that tells the G-Man they need help.


that would be Pimpman, not Gangsterman

if g-man was a gangster he would be hanging out with several other g-men in a large crowd of identical men in suits

it would be pretty scary


One night at 4am and suffering from extreme lack of sleep, I deducted that the G-man was actually Brain from Pinky And The Brain because he was trying to take over the earth. Yeah.


Freeman walks into a room full of G-Mans
Gman1: We’ll see about…that.
Freeman: Nope.
Rebels and vortigaunts stream into the room

Continue this story.


everyone dies


Reminds me of Concerned. CBA to link to the specific one.


Ok, about these Xenians, there were no alien who are breeded in Xen. There was just the combine who traveled to Xen somehow and enslaved the Vorts, who were the only ones that could be controlled, and probably killed the headcrabs that approached them. You see these kind of factories in éither OF or BS where the vorts are enslaved and working for the combine, you never really see them work though, since they attack you the second you enter the factory. The reason they attack you is because they hate the combine, and the combine looks kinda like humans, therefor they see every human as a combine. Source? The half-Life saga storyline, read it and come back after that.


OMG WTF dude


Something tells me you don’t know what you’re talking about. . .






Not sure if trolling or just very stupid. This is what the original Combine look like:

The only reason Combine soldiers look “human” in Half-Life 2 is because the Combine have begun assimilating the human race and turning them into soldiers.

The Combine were never on Xen. Xen is where the Vorts and the Nihilanth fled to to escape the Combine.

And as for there being no native Xen aliens, we have from Marc Laidlaw himself (the guy who writes Half-Life? That Marc Laidlaw?) that antlions are from Xen.


The vortigaunts were enslaved by the Nihilanth, both Xenian in nature. However, it appears that Xen is not their native world and that they came to Xen like we did, via teleportation.

The resultant portal storms from the killing of Nihilanth is what got the Combine’s attention. The Combine were uninvolved with Xen and Earth prior to Gordon’s antics over there.


Hey! I have new idea about gman.

Gman is a second personality of Gordon. In the last episode Freeman will be locked in mental hospital for maniacs and serial killaz :slight_smile:


So we can take from this that Gabe trolls his coworkers with his iPad.

Didn’t one of the vorts in Episode 2 specifically say that they used to raise antlions? Don’t we know that vorts aren’t native to Xen? And that they only went to Xen when Nihilanth brought them there?


Explain to me how this means that there is no “native” Xen life.