All the life in Xen got there by:

A: running form the Combine

B: getting teleported there by some freak accident and somehow adapting to and surviving in Xenian conditions.

Life didn’t originate on Xen (can’t possibly have because the entire place is a bunch of floating islands), but I guess there technically can be “native” Xenian life that adapted to Xen but were originally from someplace else.


When I say “native life”, I mean that life originated on the planet (or other body) from its base elements and the environmental conditions on the planet. Coming to the planet (or other body) from a different location, even if it’s eons ago, does not make it “native” in this context.

A vortigaunt you meet in Half Life 2 might have been “born” (however vorts reproduce) on Earth but that doesn’t mean, in this context, this vort is “native” to Earth. His/her (if they’re gendered) form of life came to Earth via another means.


“Didn’t one of the vorts in Episode 2 specifically say that they used to raise antlions? Don’t we know that vorts aren’t native to Xen? And that they only went to Xen when Nihilanth brought them there?”

Yes, quite the hole. Why the Nihilanth would see fit to take AntLions with them as they escaped the combine is beyond me. I very much doubt the Nihilanth had recreational areas for the Vorts whilst he had them ENSLAVED.

They could have come over accidental with the Nihilanth, which would contradict Laidlaw saying they are native to Xen.

Unless of course there were a fringe group of Vorts in Xen not under control from the Nihilanth, who learned to raise Antlions whilst there for eons, a sort of rebel group. Entirely plausible. Which leads me to think Race X aren’t all that an idiotic idea either.

As for things being native to Xen, it wouldn’t be out of the realms of (fictional) possibility that life could evolve there, it being extremely unlikely though. The biggest show of this is those spike trees. Although they could of spread after being warped there from another dimension.


I wrote before that I thought that the G-Man worked for the combine, but now I think diffrently:
The combine and G-Man are somehow working against each other, and the G-Man is of course super natrual. If he worked for the combine, there would be no sence in building these huge machine in Nova Prospect to teleport from if G-Man could do it by himself.
And about G-Man being related to Gordon; Bullshit. Why would the one free man need similar machines to teleport? If G-Man would be his father, Gordon would be able to teleport just like G-Man.


It’s possible that vortigaunts have been to Xen for quite a while and that they practiced antlion husbandry there. Just as humans are going to Xen for the purposes of research, the vortigaunts, too, go there for antlion husbandry. And probably have been for some time.

Unless antlions aren’t native to Xen…


There were never natives to Xen, there were only the combines who went there with enslaved vortigaunts and started factories and such. And with the portal storm, more creatures were teleported there, mainly the alien grunt, the headcrab queen who breeded headcrabs and such.


The. Combine. Were. Never. On. Xen.


They probably aren’t, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t get there before the vorts. It would make sense, though, if the vorts used antlions for food, for Nihilanth to bring antlions along when he fled there. Gotta keep your slaves fed, after all.


About G-man being Gordon…

If you state that G-Man is Gordon Freeman, then that meanbs that Gordon is just hallucinating everytime he sees him… Right? And since Eli and Alyx have also seen him, they’re just a part of his hallucination too, right? And, since Kleiner, Magnusson, and obviously Breen and a lot of other scientists have talked to Eli, they’re just a hallucination too, right??? So, if Breen is just a hallucination, that means that the one that hired him is too, and the one that hired Breen also hired every other personal in Black Mesa, therefor they too are hallucinations, and the whole Black Mesa was a hallkucination. So all of the aliens and the combine and the people who lived to see the seven hour war and the portalstorm are hallucinations too, and the whole world saw that, right? So that means that humanity is a hallucination. Right??? And if humanity was created by evolution, then evolution was also a hallucination, and evolution was created by the Big Bang, or whatever created the world, and then that means that the whole world is a hallucination. At least in the game… Or is it?
Since neither Gordon, who must be a hallucination himself, or the rest of the world doesn’t exist, and since Gordon was created by Valve, that means that Half-Life or Half-Life 2 or any of Valve’s games never existed, which means that Valve doesn’t exist either. And since all of us have played at least one of their games, we don’t exist either. And because of that, all of our generations before us doesn’t exist either! So you don’t exist, reader, neither do I, or him, or her. This means that the real life evolution doesn’t exist either, and that means that NOTHING EXISTS!!! EVERYTHING IS JUST A HALLUCINATION!!!

So, dear readers and noobs, do you guys still think that Gordon Freeman is G-Man? Or will you change your foolish minds? Your choice…


Read the combine over wiki, yes they were. They chased the Vortigaunts from world to world and enslaved them on Xen.


They are probably the reason the Nihilanth is the way he is, but he fled the Combine, and ended up on Xen because they couldn’t get there.


How about the thumpers on Xen? They were there to keep the antlions away from the vortigaunts and their leader, Nihilanth who fled to Xen where they got enslaved by the Combine. At the seven hour war, it was only the creatures left on Xen that came to earth, since Black Mesa used Xen as the borderworld for their teleporting experiments. So the superportal was a direct link to Xen and the combine, the bullsquids, the houndeyes, the headcrabs, the antlions and the remaining vortiguants fled with it to earth and the combine managed to keep some of their vort slaves after gaining the full controll of Earth, as we see in the beginning of Half-Life 2; a Vortigaunt with the green collar etc. very like the collars in Half-Life 1. Just face the facts and see the logic.


The thumpers on Xen are likely something that the Vorts used to control the antlions, considering they raised them. Whether they developed them or just used them (or if they were just there for no reason) we do not know. The quotes from Nihilanth really do make it seem like he was holding back a larger force, which would be the Combine. According to Raising the Bar, during the Seven Hour War, in many cities across the globe, huge areas of the cities just disappeared, and Citadels appeared in their places. (this may or may not be canon as they didn’t include it in HL2) And honestly, the Vorts probably wouldn’t have been agressive right after their mind control was broken. Confused, maybe, but not hunting people down like in the BMRF. Agrunts may have been agressive, since they didn’t have any sort of slave collar or shackles. Then again, they seemed to be built, not born, so they could have had a more direct link with Controllers and Nihilanth, which could have shut them down once Nihi was dead.

There is a Vort slave in the beginning of HL2, yeah, but I’m guessing he wasn’t mind controlled like the Vorts in HL1 were. His shackles were of a much different design than what we saw in HL1. I would guess that the shackles just inhibit his use of electrical attacks.

I’m going to stop trying to inform this guy now. I personally don’t care for theories about G-Man being Gordon or a fourth core that may be corrupted or may just be broken with the light stuck on.


About the citadels and missing cities. I think it’s like in the movies, that the Combine had been preparing the invasion for thousand of years, so when they had everything ready, they attacked. And they had the citadels already built but underground. We know that the citadel is constantly moving(Using its “roots” and the robotic wall that is constantly advancing towards the city), so it’s not a mad argument.


Or maybe it has something to do with the fact that the Combine came to Earth from another dimension, using some kind of teleporting technology. This isn’t War of the Worlds :hmph:


Imagine when our mankind evolved to the interstellar level so we can move to another planet like happened in Avatar, if our purpose is to overtake the planet, we must had already planned to place the citadel-thing and its wall before the d-day for at least a hundred years.



Well the Combine do have access to portal technology so maybe they teleported a Citadel in the middle of City 17. The citadel up close looks kind of like someone shoving a giant knife into the ground. And to top it off that’s what happened in the original story.


Of course the shackles looked diffrent, since the combine started to combine human tech with combine tech, or that they simply advanced their technology. And if we see one vortigaunt, I supose that there must be more of them cleaning city 17 or other cities.

And about my theories about G-Man; His job is to take controll of Xen, we don’t know who he works for, but there are people ranked higher then himself. So, he triggers the Black Mesa Incident and re-activates the bomb that creates the portal-storm and the superportal to empty Xen of its creatures, but his plan backfires as the combine forces the portal to advance enough for them to reach it too, therefor he brings Gordon back when the combine is at their calmest state to destroy their citadel. But thet plan backfires to as the expolosion is about to create another super portal with a direct link to the combine home world, so he sends Gordon (well, kind of) to delay the signal that will open it. But when that fails Gordon is later in ep 2 sent to stop the portal, and in Half-Life 3 we will probably kill the combine leader.


Lol. Why is this? Because you think so? The combine didn’t even know of Earth until the Black Mesa incident. Their entire ‘culture’ is based around enslaving and assimilating entire species and worlds. I’d assume they’ve gotten pretty good at it to the point it’s all their species does. Teleport in a citadel or 100 and let the forces therein go wild on the far FAR less advanced species. Not exactly difficult to plan when you’ve been doing it for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Face the facts? Like the fact you need to stop making such wild assumptions based purely on nothing more than what you think, with complete disregard for what your told by both the game and its creators?

Let me say this once more, since you don’t seem to of taken it in the other 100 times. The NIHILANTH and his enslaved forces on Xen are not controlled by the Combine that you see in Half-Life 2. They are on the run from the Combine, Xen being their hideaway.

Now please, go back, play the games, listen, look and learn.

Now if you’d of come to this topic and said ‘I THINK the Nihilanth was created by the Combine’ I’d of completely agreed with you. You didn’t though, and I’ve just wasted far too much of my time, so I’l leave you with that and hope you don’t waste anyone elses time now I’ve spelt it out for you.