Oh yes, absolutely. I wasn’t trying to suggest otherwise. I just remember that being that very first thing I noticed when I first met the Strider and the Antlion.


This is not a Theory (For me it isn’t, but Your mileage might vary) but a thought: Valve might not really answer who Gman is in the last Half life game. I Mean, its highly likely Valve wouldn’t do as it’d be a slap to everyone, but its been done before, by others (For Example, Ed Edd N’ Eddy: The Big Picture Show. AKA never showed what was under Edd’s hat.)

I do not believe this will happen, so I don’t think I’ll try supporting or defending the idea, but its a thought that’s passed trough my head a few times.


I’ve been thinking the same thing. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if Valve don’t directly answer who the G-Man is. Or at least if they don’t directly address it during gameplay. They might talk about it years after the series is finished or something. But entirely possible they’ll never answer it. Kind of like how Lost decided they’d leave half their loose ends not settled.


I’m not really expecting Valve to do any ‘tell all’, everythings out in the open, thing. Whenever the Half-Life series ends, I’m more expecting an ambiguous ending. Something to make us think and draw our own conclusions. Hopefully ending with another G-Man speech.

Which brings me to my next point, I don’t really want them to explain him, and again, I’m not sure they will. I’d like to deal with the fight against the Combine, and whatever else they throw at you, and leave G-man a mysterious character you’ll never know the true motives of besides the very cryptic things he says occasionally.


The problem with that is he’s been a recurring main character whos main goals are directed through Gordon himself. Obviously to spell it all out would be a tad out of place for the series, but to just defeat the Combine and be left on Earth with the Gman just disapearing would suck ass.

The fact Lost didn’t answer all of it’s endless questions was because it was a piss poor show dreamt up by some talentless hack during a smoking session one night, this was clear to anyone who watched any of the first series. Some idiotic producer with more money than sense or taste thought it was edgy. This has absolutely no relation to Valve at all in the slightest.


And who says that will happen Mented? Stop black and white thinking.


G-Man will be the final boss and will fly around shooting lasers from his eyes.

It would probably end up being something like this—


Although Valve are not too bad when it comes to boss fights. I found Nihilanth to be tricky and I wasn’t able to do it until the 3rd or 4th attempt.

Episode 2 didn’t really have 1 big boss fight, but the Strider attack was pretty fun / stressful.


I hated the final Episode 2 battle…against the Advisors? I can’t fucking beat it! It won’t let me move and Eli just fucking dies every time. It’s really annoying.


It’s stop WITH THE black and white thinking, and I’m not. Perhaps if you’d of read through the actual thread you’d realise this is what some people are proposing. Pisses me off when people are that ignorant to not even browse the conversation.


I think that G-Man is Alyx’s and Gordon’s son from the future.


Now I’m not one to speculate on who Gman is; but I can at least speculate on how he’s involved with different elements from the Half-Life/Portal Universe.
Again, only speculation:

Gman has been aware of the combine race since long before the Black Mesa incident, and has set out to prevent them from spreading their empire across the Universe. However, with Black Mesa’s and Aperture Science’s early teleportation/portal technology, Gman realized that when the combine invade Earth, that they could use that technology to tear gateways between other Universes and spread through those as well.

In his attempt to keep the combine from finding out, Gman needed to first take care of both facilities.

For Black Mesa, he set up the xenian crystal experiment to hideously backfire, knowing that it would attract government attention, leading to it’s eventual destruction via nuclear warhead.

For Aperture Science, he conversed with GLaDOs shortly after her creation, and instructed her to kill off all the scientists and personell within the facility, as to halt all scientific progress. She was then told to shut down the facility, and to lock it up for good, deep within the earth. GLaDOs is well aware of the surface world situations (listen to the dialogue from the Portal 1 boss fight).

However, he had a loose end, the Borealis. The ship that disappeared from the dock, crew and all, with immense amounts of Portal technology on it. If the combine find it, they can enhance the tech on the ship to tunnel through to other universes, and expand their empire.

Eli, who had also conversed with the Gman before, was well aware of the consequences if the Borealis were to fall into the wrong hands, and emphasized its destruction to Gordon.

And… uhh, yeah. There’s my speculation.


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