Slender Man?



Yeah, that’s it…

Except for that girl; get her out if the fucking picture. What is she even doing there? That shit kills the mood.


Makes me think it’s a self insert picture made by some ‘totally hardcore gamer’ hipster anime reading teenaged girl.


I find hard to belive that this post is alive again but… well. I’ve been reading it again from where I commented the last time. I must say that Mented’s theories seem promising.

[COLOR=‘Black’]Yet, today I played to much dow2 chaos rising and I’m starting to think that G-man’s Tzeench, the god of magic and destiny. Nah, just kidding

I’m surprised about how this post is evolving. Everytime we look like approaching to a new theory that’s better the one we could have made before. I think that if we keep this way, we may even come with the truth. Hehe, that was a good joke, no, we may not come with the truth (I highly doubt that the truth of who the G-man really is and for who does he work will be revealed anyways) but, everytime I find these new theories that are coming more promising and I really like to have them in mind while playing, asking my self if they could be true meanwhile I try to find other new ones.

Yet, I keep with the hl2spain theory (of wich I have spoken some pages ago here) about Gordan being in a coma with a brain muscular catatonia caused by the laser that hit his face during the incident at the starting of hl1 and that G-man is just a normal person who “became” his boss in his mind.

But, this theory can also be combined with some of yours. Combining them I find everytime the hl2 universe more understandable because, as you may already know, everything’s possible in the “world” of the subconscius.[COLOR=‘black’]I think mented is very sure of his theory and that’s something very good to introduce new theories Btw, so, Good job. Now, Let’s see if you find out this text…


Considering that even the Wiki knows that Gman is infact a foreign And mysterious employer.
What you said is more of a belief, not a theory.


Felt like playing a wee bit of HL2 and noticed this. A Vortigaunt powering a TV with the G-Man on it. Maybe it’s nothing new, but it struck me as quite interesting, having not noticed it before. This is really near the start in the shipping container where you meet the first rebel.


Also in the beginning of the Anti Citizen One chapter, wait a little bit after dog beats the shit out of that dropship, and you’ll hear an old radio-ish sound, follow it inside the nearby building and you’ll find a TV with Gman on it.
He straightens his tie, then leaves.
Its not plugged in.

Although my favorite Gman appearance is the one where he’s on that dysfunctional screen during the Water Hazard chapter.


Oh yeah, that’s always been there. Funny, no matter how many times you play HL, you always find something you missed the other hundred times you played it. :slight_smile:



No, really, the wiki just can speculate. No one knows who he is in truth.


I have a interesting theory on the G-man and thought I would share it and get some feed back.

So the Nihilanth led his forces to Xen to flee the Combine invasion of it’s world. They hung out there for a while until the G-Man gave the Xen Crystal to Black Mesa. When they used the Anti-Mass Spectrometer on it, it caused a Resonance Cascade, allowing the alien forces to teleport onto Earth.

After the events of Half-Life, the G-man says to Gordon. “The borderworld, Xen, is in our control, for the time being.” This makes me think the G-Man’s motive was to get the Nihilanth out of Xen. Ether the aliens would win and move to Earth, or the Humans would win and kill the Nihilanth.

Now here’s the crazy part.

What if the G-Man and his “Employers” are the Xen crystals. Super intelligent, psychic, time and space warping crystals. That crystal that Gordon pushed into the beam, that was the G-Man’s physical body.

The Nihilanth was using the crystals in his boss fight, so the aliens probably had the ability to use them, which would be akin to slavery. The G-Man also opposes the Combine as they would take advantage of the crystals in the same way.

This explains why the G-man can’t do things very directly, he might draw the attention of the Combine to the crystals. He has to work subtly, moving pawns into positions so they do what he wants. The crystals can effect the other worlds, but if someone is in Xen, they’re helpless.


Ok. Reasonable. I also recall that female scientist (I believe her name was Mrs. Mossman) saying they were using Xen as a relay. I think it was meant in the way that space movies have a ship slingshot around a planet to go faster on less fuel.

I also recall, in Blue Shift, when Barney had to start up a generator in Xen. So I don’t think they’d be helpless in Xen, but stranded with what they had with them for sure.


I meant the crystals would be helpless, they couldn’t defend themselves from someone inside Xen trying to attack them.