Gabe Newell trolls fans


Gabe Newell trolls fans. Skip to the 6:40 mark for the money shot.



looks like the video was deleted. Also the 20 character min sucks.



Assuming this was the VNN video, I saw a stream announcement saying that the e-mail was a fake and the that the video would be re-uploaded with the fake email removed and a few new ones put in.

BTW, if you haven’t seen the video in question, VNN was going over Gabe Newell emails people had sent him, and the last email in the video was basically was someone asking Gabe if there would be another Half-Life game, and Newell hinting at something in the next 5 years.

Edit; alright, here’s the stream. Skip to ~1:40 mark;



Email was fake

Valve has now confirmed to us that the email is “not ours”. The man behind VNN has pulled the video after two separate sources also [confirmed to him that the email was fake.