Game-breaking misbehavior in chapter "On A Rail" on Linux Mint 19.2

Hi all,

WONDERFUL game! I can’t wait to continue it

I’m having a weird set of issues starting on bm_c2a2b, starting at around -150.7, -896.7, 200.0. As I said in the title, I am on Linux Mint 19.2 x64. What seems to happen is that all keyboard and mouse button control doesn’t work, nor do normal xorg escapes like alt+tab, alt+`, ctrl+q, or anything like that. I have to go into TTY1 to actually exit the game. However, the mouse movement still works. This starts when I go back next to the weapons locker, reload the shotgun, or something like that.

I sometimes regain control after taking some damage, but I haven’t seen any consistent behavior.