Game crashes if i immediately fire a rocket at the gonarch 2nd encounter

i was at the second encounter with the gonarch and as soon is a saw it, i fired a rocket and then the game seized up and kicked me out to desktop. im curious if this widespread or its just me. i also do realize since its in beta so it’s unoptimized and i do have a good rig. normally its at 150-300 fps in this game but at times it does drop to 40fps. that’s not that big of a deal. i’m just glad i don’t have a toaster. the main problem is if i forget about the gonarch causing my game to crash if i try to blast it immediately. i have to reload the entire game. and then if i die and have to do the whole thing again, i may get mad and try that but it crashes my game. is there a way to fix until the final product comes out.