Game crashes on startup

I bought the game about 2 days ago on steam. I’ve played through the first 2 chapters with no problems. Today, I tried to start the game, but it crashed on startup, during the Crowbar Collective splash screen. I’ve tried everything I’ve seen online. Reinstalling, verifying cache files, going into launch options and setting -autoconfig or -window. The only minor issue I seemed to have at the start was a bit of a heavy gpu load. But it didn’t seem to important, every other game works fine. What should I do?

Also ask on the devs discord and the steam forum

I will post several developer recommended fixes.

  1. Uninstall ALL Mods, no exceptions.
    Verify the game files afterwards and quit using the old saves.

  2. Your saved game could be corrupt.Quit using it and restart the chapter from the new game menu.

  3. Revert to the old menu.
    Right-click the game in Steam, select “Properties”, and in the General tab select “Set Launch Options”. Type “-oldgameui” in the launch config.

  4. Try Launching the game with:
    in the launch options.

Additional tips
Disable free gpu tuner software ie Afterburner, Rivatuner