Game crashing at Lambda Complex and XEN, and some visual artifacts

In this location, just before meeting team at Lambda Complex game is crashing when approaching this half open doors. It crashed game multiple times and I got through once when I was trying it going very VERY slow :laughing:

I’m experiencing crashes in XEN as well, but this time it occurs on this bridge when game reloads (after I fall off the bridge. Strangely after i killed myself using weapons It did not crash and falling off bridge after that did not crash the game)

Here are all my dump files:

Crashes from 11.04 are from issue in Lambda Complex and crashes from 12.04 are from XEN.

I have experienced strange visual artifacts on this bridge in XEN:

Here it caused bridge to be black but before crash it was strangely greenish in the same spots.

If you need more data I have game saves at these spots so i cane revisit them or provide save files.

I found out that it’s shadows issue. Disabling shadows in settings solves the problem (solution is a funny word in this situation xD).

Going ahead the game I have noticeg that these shadow artifacts can be spotted everywhere outside this building.