Game issue, please help!

So when i started black mesa it looked fine to me… until i pressed a key… then it crashed, it kept doing so, and it still isn’t fixed.

I need and experts help, please anyone who encountered this problem before cough lightninrod4 cough or anyone who knows whats wrong please help.

and please be specific, I’m not an expert on this “technology” stuff :stuck_out_tongue: but I’m also not very bad at tech stuff.
Thank you.

I play on Windows 8

First of all I doubt I personally can help you. But for anyone else to do so, the more information you can provide the better.

What are the specs of your machine? Or the manufacturer and model if you don’t have that information or know how to get it? Do you have any problems with any other Source games, like HL2? Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling from scratch? What exactly happens when it crashes, does your machine reboot, or crash to the desktop? Any error message?

This does not happen with HL2, Episode 1, or Episode 2 only with Black mesa.

I really don’t know my machine specs and all that… sorry.

I have tried reinstalling the mod and steam various times and the problem still persists.

When the game crashes it just goes to desktop, no message, also idk where to find a crash log.

Try pressing the Start button, clicking “Control Panel”, clicking “System and Security”, clicking “Administrative Tools”, then opening “Event Viewer”. Look through the various logs for an error the occurs at the time the game crashes. It may be in “Windows Logs” > “Application”.

If you find an error for the game in the “Event Viewer” listed at the time the game crashes, post it here.

the problem was something with steam.exe… i really don’t know why but i closed the app before running the game and it worked without any crashes! :smiley: