Game Remakes of the year 2011- 2012


HALO CE --> Halo CE: Anniversary Edition
Counter Strike Source --> Counter Strike Global Offensive
Half Life 1 --> Black Mesa Source

What game do you guys want next?


This thread has a lot of potential.


Original Rainbow Six with HD graphical overhaul. Include contextual orders to allow deviation from the plans if necessary, as well as to accommodate gamers unaccustomed to planning, but still make the game tough as nails and include the full planning interface from the original. 3D map preview should be like Rogue Spear where maps are detailed from an overhead perspective, instead of a first person picture in picture as in Rainbow Six 3. Bring back the original voice cast to get better quality audio to suit the HD facelift.

Deus Ex 1 with Human Revolution game mechanics and full graphical overhaul. Story mostly the same, but additions are made to fit better with Human Revolution’s story arc, and the ending the player chose in HR should carry over to Deus Ex in terms of the consequences from it. Get the original cast back to re-record their lines with the better audio quality expected of the remake.

24: The Game - complete overhaul of controls for foot and vehicle sections, all new textures, expanded story arc to actually cover 24 hours of real time. Include expanded cutscene material to fill in the story more, perhaps with dialog choices to affect the outcome of the story in subtle ways. Make the driving missions not suck. Make the hacking sequences not suck. Bring back all cast members to do fresh, high quality voice and preformance capture, with some actual filming using sets from the show and on-location in Los Angeles. Basically, make this the game it was supposed to be.

Metal Gear: Remake the original Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2 from the ground up in 3D as one game, using MGS4’s over the shoulder perspective. Full voice over for the cast, with all returning members of the Solid cast that are in the game, such as David Hayter, Paul Eding, and most importantly Greg Eagles as Grey Fox instead of Rob Paulsen. Change story to be consistent with all current MGS retcons as stipulated in the MGS4 Database as well as the stories of the most recent games in the franchise. Snake has CQC, but after the events of the Metal Gear 1 portion of the story, have him begin his self-imposed ban on CQC to make the second part of the game harder.

Metal Gear 1: Include a mix of the ocean landing and the jungle approach from both the MSX2 and the NES Metal Gear versions. Include LTL weapons to compliment the game’s originally lethal arsenal. Include one other operative dropped in with Snake, who is killed early on in a manner similar to Sam Fisher’s partner in Iceland in Splinter Cell: Double Agent. If Metal Gear ZEKE is not destroyed in the events of “Ground Zeroes,” replace the TX-55 Metal Gear with Zeke. If the player has a save file of Peace Walker on the PS3 or 360’s hard drive, import the color settings and armaments the player mounted in the game, to twist the knife on the player for playing the prequels in a satisfyingly meta way.

Metal Gear 2: Include LTL weapons to compliment the game’s lethal arsenal. Rework the plotline to fit in with nuclear weapons continuing to exist in the story’s timeframe. Make sure the manual has the fucking tap codes this time. Make this combined game kill off any possible continuation of the franchise, freeing up Kojima to develop new intellectual property.

Front Mission 5: Scars of the War- Remake in HD, translate and release in North America and Europe.

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Make the gameplay truer to RCT1/2. Allow underground construction, allow killing of Peeps by coaster crashes and drowning.


Wait, you are serious, aren’t you?


The way I figure it, if the original MG/MG2 gets remade, it should be the Metal Gear to end all Metal Gears. It should modernize the stories, expand on their themes, bring the gameplay to modern standards, and most importantly end the series for good. Metal Gear is a great series but Konami milking the franchise as much as they have is a disservice to the IP as a whole.


The original Fallout would be great remade. It has the best plot of any FO game to date.


CS:GO is a remake?



You realise that remaking doesn’t put an end to the series, right? MG1/2 shouldn’t be touched, like, at all. We’ve all seen the abomination called The Twin Snakes.

You also realise that there’s an option to reboot, right?
The only problem is Kojima doesn’t have balls to do it.


Personally, I’m still waiting for Ken Levine to do something about System Shock 2, although I have seen recent reports of a source remake being made.


Splinter Cell Double Agent: Fix all the games’ bugs (mostly) so that it is actually playable without having to edit the config files a lot.
Kotor 1 & 2: Use a new engine for the graphics while still keeping the same gameplay and expand the side missions a bit. For the second one finish the actual ending to the game.


True. Rebooting would free the franchise from two decades of continuity.
Twin Snakes’ major failing was in having someone else direct the cutscenes. Apparently, Kojima had that done on purpose. I think it was supposed to be making a point to his fans about putting MGS1 on a pedestal as legendary, so the new director exaggerated the cutscenes with unholy amounts of bullet time to reflect this but WHATEVER I’M ANALYZING THIS SHIT TOO MUCH.

The actual game part of Twin Snakes wasn’t bad at all- it took MGS1 and brought it up to MGS2 graphical and gameplay standards. It also cut down on some of the backtracking. The other mistake was putting it on Gamecube, because the face buttons don’t have pressure sensitivity like the PS2’s, so once you aim a weapon, you either fire it or you have to put it away with the inventory button, which is clunky as fuck.


Nevermind that it actually ruined the original mechanics, most notably during several boss fights :retard:


DOOM 1 Remake… I want it to run on id Tech 5 in full 3D running at 60 FPS… either that or Wolfenstein 3D Remake. Maybe that and DOOM remake.



That was pretty much the problem with TT in a nutshell. Sure, it had the MGS2 gameplay features, but there were almost no additions to how the game played out, so the FPS view etc actually removed all challenge.


I dont think return to castle wolfenstein needs a remake, even though it looks dated by todays standards, it´s aged surprisingly well


Not sure if anyone here knows the series, but the Marathon series by Bungie is dying to be remade. God, what an awesome fucking game.

It’s a really great sci-fi game, and is still better than most FPS games on the market.


The Y button. Hold it before pushing A to pull out the FAMAS without firing, push it and let go of A to not fire the SOCOM, etc.

I enjoyed seeing the Ninja hallway cutscene, but other than that the changes didn’t add anything.


Don’t even get me started on that piece of shit twin snakes.

I’m sorry, cutting bullets in half and jumping 20 feet in the air and kicking Metal Gear like a character out of an anime or some hyped up superhero is where I draw the line in an MGS game.

And Greg Eagles is Gray Fox. No-one else.



                                                                 Not to dish Deus Ex:HR, but ANY remake made to Deus Ex has to have true to the core mechanics, really would hate it if it went overboard with DEHM stuff