Game Remakes of the year 2011- 2012


Bungie is apparently revisiting the franchise. According to that leaked legal document anyway.


Id love to see the original bioshock be re-made in the source engine


I use to play this on my apple Macintosh :slight_smile:

is there any word there will be PC support or are they going to keep it with the apple user


I would like to see a new Day of Defeat game. Even if it’s just a polished up remake like CS:GO… I’ll take it.


So I’ve heard! I’m really excited to see what they do with that, but of course, it’s hard to live up to such an insanely epic sci-fi trilogy.

And that small part of me will always want a remake of the original. I tried to assemble a team for a source remake when I was thirteen, but I had no idea what a difficult task it was, and didn’t really get far with it.


Have you not heard of Aleph One? Even since Bungie released the Marathon 2 source code, there has been an open source engine that runs all three Marathon games on Mac, Windows, and Linux with the option to replace textures with higher-res ones and to replace the original music with remastered remakes. Due to the engine open source, you can pretty much bring the absolute best out of Marathon. Even works with a lot of those famed Marathon total-conversions.


Tell that to Hideo. They used Rob Paulsen’s VO in MGS4. (I prefer Greg Eagles as well)

The engine that Bioshock is already on is capable of more than Source is…


I played Aleph One’s Marathon port. I don’t really see the point of a remake, honestly. The levels were pretty large but confusing due to the low texture detail. It just felt like running through endless tunnels with the occasional burst of gunfire to liven things up. Bungie should persue new IP.

Fuck, the whole industry needs new IP. At least I have Watch_Dogs to look forward to.


It had a great universe that can definitely be expanded on with modern tech. I’m more looking forward to their actual new IP, Destiny.


It would be cool for him to work on a sequel, but he has his hands busy with the recent delay on Bioshock: Infinite, I’m sure.
So any sequel or remake -which I doubt will happen- is far off, unfortunately.

Honestly, Ken Levine is a bit hasty with deadlines (if he’s in charge of that sort of thing). Regardless, the end product is usually worth it, so I can’t complain; he’s a great asset to the modern gaming world.


While also getting rid of Naomi’s and Mei Ling accents.
This is what happens when you try to lick western ass.


Fucking hated that. They sounded like shit without accents. Well, Naomi not so much, but Mei Ling sounded like one of those english anime dub voice actors.


I had a feeling he’d be the only one to wrap up such a great story, but then I thought about BioShock’s ending.

Still, it’d be super cool to see my favorite game of all time get the treatment it deserves.

Also, this exists.


I searching for the first version of this game for years, the first game dubbed in brazilian portuguese that i can remember.


It’s on, actually.


Star Wars: Podracer, and Star Wars: Droidworks. I loved those two games as a kid. Podracer actually holds up alright these days, if you can get your PC to run it. It doesn’t like new computers :confused:

But yeah, I want to see podracers crashing and exploding on a modern engine. In the case of Droidworks, it was a really cool premise for a game, and a lot of neat features, but some stuff…Just didn’t work well. Plus it doesn’t like new computers either.


While I think metal gear remakes would be cool, I really enjoy the originals as they are. I’m not of the opinion, however, that they should end the series once and for all. As far as storyline goes, going over the top has always worked for Metal Gear games. Expanding the storyline, however ridiculous the additions may seem, will add more hours of quality stealth gameplay to the series. The only Metal Gear I think should never be made is Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. I WANT that game to fail horribly so Hideo Kojima realizes that Metal Gear should always be about stealth gameplay.

Also, while Front Mission 5 could benefit from graphical updating, the story would be butchered in any sort of official localization. The fan translation is already better than Front Mission 3 and 4. What I’d like to see is a re-translation of Front Mission 3 and 4 whenever the Front Mission 2 and Front Mission: Alternative fan localizations are finished.


There’s already been a DOOM remake. Called DOOM 3.




And the Classic Doom 3 mod