Game stuck at initial Loading...

Installed the game, everything went fine, but when I load it up; I get the blurred background of the initial main menu screen with Loading… in the bottom right. The game then just sits there indefinitely (Cursor goes from progress to normal).

I tried a few other source games (Half Life 2, CS:S) and those start up just fine.

I am having this problem too. I left it to load for about 15 mins thinking maybe it needed to sort through everything thing but I would really like to play the game.

I’m having the same issue here, my game has been working fine with a couple of issues here and there and now suddenly it doesn’t even go past the “loading” before the main menu. If anyone knows a fix, please reply!

someone mind replying to these people and i’d like one as well cause my half like 2 prolog used to launch and go to main menu just fine but now its not going to main menu it just stays on loading screen not moving at all and its not even on not responding mode :[:expressionless: