Game trailers thread


Post your game trailers here.

I’m looking at you Hot.


Mass Effect 2 - Prelude to E3 '09 Trailer


Splinter Cell: Conviction - Teaser


Star Wars: The Old Republic - TimeLine Trailers


Muscle March - Japanese Debut Trailer


And no one will post in it, just like the movie trailer, you’ve just wasted your time RB.

Why don’t you lock other game trailers threads not made by me, you know just to be fair, not to look as if I’m being targeted here, single out.

post a few videos, and people think you’re hitler.


Get your Userbar Today! :stuck_out_tongue:


Can I get a “hotnumbers is Hitler” Userbar?


Given that no-one was posting anything (on topic at least) in them when they were in individual threads either (except the AvP one which I left separate) it was still worth doing for the sake of de-cluttering the forum of largely pointless threads.

You were being singled out, because you were pretty much the only person making these threads and you made a load of them (not just here but in Off Topic too). But since you mention it I’ve noticed Imonofire’s Terminator thread now so that can have the same treatment.

And say what you will about Hitler, but he didn’t spam any forums to the best of my knowledge.

Terminator: Salvation


oh la de da, and were they harming anyone? were they destorying the moral support of the forum?

The only one who were complaining are the elitist dick heads, the ones that think they are the police of this forum.

Fair enough but there still more threads and whats this were, I am still.

You’ve got it all wrong, he did spam, he spammed the battlefields of Europe with tanks and soldiers.

Also, I don’t consider my videos are spam, more of entertaining pieces of media in my eyes, you should learn to open you mind to less narrow views of my videos.

And popsUlfr, i couldn’t even read that sig, its awfully done.


Alright now that we have a couple of rivers flowing, lets get back on topic.

Here’s a Movie Property I hope Atari doesn’t fuck up with a videogame.



pointedly not getting involved in drama

From what I’ve seen of that game, it looks worth playing purely because it captures the Ghosbusters feel absolutely perfectly, right down to the humour and the facial expressions of the characters. The gameplay is almost beside the point, lol. I’m really looking forward to it, here’s hoping it lives up to those expectations.



Looks like they got more right than just that, but hey, The Matrix: Path of Neo looked like a worthy Matrix video game, unfortunately they went all flash and didn’t bother with the play mechanics (or polish for that matter).

That said, I’ve checked out every trailer and piece of video that has been released for this game, and it sure looks like they absolutely nailed it. Not sure how I’m going to like the new weapons they add (I’ll always be about the proton packs), but I was definitely impressed with how they handled the Ghost Traps.

If nothing else, I’ll play it to “cross the streams” and hope they’ve got one hell of an awesome cutscene for the “total protonic reversal”.


Anyways, this is a game I can’t wait for. The developers say they actually listened to the community and are taking strides to making this one not as repetitive as the first, and also there are hints of the ability to fly (glider wings) and have dual hidden blades. Win? For my reaction, look to my avatar.


ive seen the game, looks fucking amazing


OMG YES. When a friend told me about this today, I thought it was a joke. I can’t wait for this to be released. As for the weapons, as long as the players are allowed to customize the color of the streams (I would love a pink one), I’ll be happy.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll try and build a wooden ghost trap for me to store some stuff in. Good times.


It was bothering me, and I AM the police on this forum, so I did something about it. It has absolutely nothing to do with anything said by any elitist dickheads (other than me, if I fit the category) or anyone else, and everything to do with keeping the forum a bit neater so that there is plenty of room for a variety of threads on the front page of the forum. Calm down. Post all the videos you want (it wasn’t the videos I was referring to as spam, just the profusion of individual topics for them when they fit fine in one thread), there is no conspiracy to stop you doing so. Or if there is I won’t allow it to get anywhere.

[COLOR=‘Red’]I’ve removed the shitstorm of bickering, don’t anyone start it up again or there’ll be infractions all round.


Let me be clear here, I never called you an elitist dick head, you’ve proved yourself to be decent person countless times.


Cheers, that’s good to know. :slight_smile:

[COLOR=‘Red’]And let me be clear to everyone here - if there’s something you don’t like, whether it be that you think someone’s making too many threads or that someone is picking on you, please report it and let me or Ram or brokenfridgehinge deal with it. Everyone will be treated fairly this way whereas the alternative leads to flame wars and everyone getting punished, justly or unjustly.

Here’s to hoping we can all get back to appreciating game trailers. Personally, I’m more looking forward to the Ghostbusters game than I am the proposed new movie, since that is looking to have the original gang hand off to a new generation of Ghostbusters, whereas the game focuses much more on the classic characters.


Oh God, no. A new movie? That reminds me of the horror Extreme Ghostbusters was. I was excited about some new Ghostbusters merchandise, but now I guess I’m just gonna stick with the game.