Game trailers thread


What I’ve seen sofar, the new Ghostbusters game is made of awesum and ectoplasma - I want!


Battlefield Bad Company 2 multiplayer Gameplay.[/SIZE]

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Video Games | Battlefield: Bad CO. 2 | E3 09: Multiplayer Trailer HD
XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii


Modern Warfare 2 (long) trailer:


You know Raw Bean, I’ve noticed you’ve posted five post in a row.
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the first one sucked balls, meybe this one wont be a dated linear piece of shit …


Don’t make me destroy you.


You killed my father!


YES, It was me !





natural selection is liek balck mesa, it will never come out


I counted 11 new weapons in the trailer


No, I am your father!


fuuuuck yeeeees, natural selection 2! Gonna be playing BM and NS2 at the same general time! :jizz:




For all you warhammer fans out there.


Hadn’t seen that modern warfare 2 trailer yet. :jizz: I hope it will run good on my pc, otherwise I’ll have to get another xbox. Actually, I’d probably rather have it for xbox anyway, since it’s the multiplayer that I’m mostly into and I feel that console games balance the equipment better between users.


@ the Warhammer trailer.

Cool, looks like it could succeed where Too Human failed, I had high hopes for Too Human.

Can’t tell too much from the trailer, but I think this game could actually deliver where Fallout 3 didn’t (not that it’s necessarily an RPG of any kind).


Interesting. Hadn’t heard about Brink. Love me some Bethesda.