Game trailers thread


Not really sure. I wouldn’t be able to answer that until this one comes out.
Although, in my mind, the first should be required play for everyone.


To be honest, it quite had the opposite effect on me. I’m glad there’s finally a zombie game that has back-story and that shows that zombies were humans before.


The talked to the devs, they won’t have children zombies. That leads me to believe they also won’t have stuff like the trailer in the game. I think the whole trailer is a bunch of BS for hype.


Of course they won’t have stuff like the trailer in game. It was almost as idiotic as showing a live action trailer for the game. At the very least, make your trailer in engine, so we can see what the game will look like, if you’re not going to include any gameplay or in game footage. As is, it just tells me there will be a zombie game. Woopty doo.





its so awsome that i cry :’(





remember your reaction, when you saw it first time ?


Full Battlefield 3 12 minute trailer


That shit looks epic.



Duke Nukem Feces


Battlefield 3: Adventures in Genericstan

Remind me how this is better than MW2?


Because it’s not MW2.


I guess.

Even so, its still looks scripted as all get out, and uses slow motion for no reason.


To be honest, I don’t give a fuck if the SP turns out no to be the new Half-Life, since it’s in the MP I’m more interested about.

If the SP happens to be great, then I’ll consider that a nice bonus.


Yeah, I don’t even give a crap about the SP for it either, mostly because it’s Battlefield.

Seriously, what person bought BF2 for its single player? Or even BC2 for that matter.




Oh, hahaha I forgot battlefield had a singleplayer story thing.