Game trailers thread


To me, all trailers look generic.

Everything is peaceful, you see some characters doing some action in the peaceful environment then BOOM!!! ACTIONVIOLENCEBLOODSPURTINGEXCITEMENT!!!

Mass Effect 1 & 2, Battlefield 3, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2, MW 1 & 2 all do it

Seriously, almost every game trailer does it.


Duke Nukem Forever: “Come Get Some” Trailer Uncensored


New L.A. Noire trailer, detailing gameplay.

Looking pretty damn good.


Why would they put those faces in a game that look so average (graphics wise)? Every time I see it I just end up noticing that over the dialogue, gameplay, or whatever else is going on. Those faces just look terrible. Realistic, but terrible.

They really just need to up the character models and it would be better.


Fuck yo games




The original hitman team left after blood money and I assume that puts the Kane and Lynch 2 dumbasses in charge…

Yeah it might turn out to be shit.


The original team is gone? Well shit…


At worst it will be a linear third person cover based shooter with chest high walls.


dear god dont even say it out loud they might hear you and get ideas


No, shut up.


no u


You don’t like those, check for The up and coming Derrick video game based on the eponymous 1974 TV series.
This is the worst you can expect.



Where did you hear this?


If they’re going to get ideas from me then I suggest a multiplayer mode inspired by AC: Brotherhood.


I just watched the Battlefield 3 trailer. My God. It’s so beautiful.





11 minutes gameplay walkthrough of Dead Island. Looks brutally awesome.


I hope there is more to the core gameplay. If there is offline co-op it will win me over.