Game trailers thread



It’s fucking battlefield. If you buy it for the single player you’re a fucking idiot.

The first two games… Three, actually… Didn’t even HAVE campaigns with any storyline. The singleplayer was multiplayer with bots and the game STILL sold shittons.


This is so far removed from the first The Darkness I can’t really get mad that it’s not an actual sequel. Instead I’ll just look forward to what it does seem to be attempting to be (a straight up story driven comic shooter) and rent it before I buy it. I can’t deny, I am interested. I’m getting the feeling that only a few people will be able to “get” it. I’m getting a Robert Rodriguez vibe here.


People seem to be getting excited about the single-player though, and news on the multi-player is lacking.


It’s because that’s the important part. Save the best for last.

Plus, the Single player looks more open than people are giving it credit for. If you look in that 12 minute trailer there are a lot of alternate paths the guy playing the demo doesn’t go down. Either way, I don’t really care about BF3’s campaign as I do the multiplayer.


What do you guys think of this?


I like it overall. It’s been posted already a few hundred times. For the most part it’s pretty awesome. Some things are just wayy too fucking bouncy though. Like the doors. It’s like they’re made of rubber or something. The guy is an awesome animator, but he should learn that sometimes it’s okay for things (especially mechanical doors) to just do what they’re supposed to do and stop. And the loader looked like it had some horrible mechanical problems or something.


I can’t fucking wait.


Should be pretty damn awesome.


It will be. Just wish they did some gameplay for that area.

Here’s to hoping that the kill system from Brotherhood gets upgraded to the extent that trailer implied, so we can actually pull off crazy counter chains like that.


They have gameplay out if you want to hunt it down. Saw it on Kotaku.


Serious Sam : III BFE


Holy shit that was way too over the top. They need to calm down. What happened to just observing your target, waiting for the right moment, and killing him in one move? Now we have to kill a million guards, sink a dozen warships, and BRING DOWN AN ENTIRE BUILDING by ourselves!

The game looks great but it’s just not an assassin game anymore. :frowning:


Prey2 -

I almost think there are wayyy too many good games coming out. So many choices, where to start and what to pick?

EDIT: And question, why in the last few game trailers i’ve seen, Bethesda is working on it as well instead of just the main game company? I feel like i see Bethesda everywhere.


I suspect it’ll be like the other games. You could always do that for most missions save few (the leonardo war machines were like that), or you could rush it and use throwing claymores. Its nothing new really, they’re just showing off that aspect.


Agreed man. The Assassin Games have become the da Vinci Code of the game world - they look amazing, but they’re so mainstream now that Ubisoft are afraid of going for the more subtle approach and have dumbed them down.

I don’t like how they went from stealth assassinations to exploring retarded tombs like it was Prince of Persia.


You can still be subtle in AssBro, you can just also not be subtle. Your choice.


If you see the only way to play Assassin’s Creed is to throw away all stealth and tactics, it’s not the game that’s limited.

It’s you.


The original was like that too, so I’m not sure where they’re coming from. The series hasn’t ever changed in that regard.

They’re a publishing company too, I believe, so aren’t necessarily developing the games with their name on them.


Bethesda has really expanded a lot lately.


So you’re saying that blowing up buildings and destroying an armada is subtle?

I didn’t say they’ve thrown stealth out the window, just that the trend is forcing the player down a path full of big explosions and chaos when it used to be solely about finding a perfect opportunity to strike your opponent and escaping without being seen .

To me, it’s now fallen for the sequel trap - trying to make it bigger and better and compromising what it originally stood for. But I’m not a mainstream guy.