Game trailers thread


Nice to see an original IP from Bethesda



Looking forward to Arkham Asylum. I really hope the free form combat isn’t as disappointing as many other games that have tried to attempt it (MK: SM, PoP:WW & TT, DMC4 etc etc). They got the gadgets component nailed down though.


fucking great voice acting


Mark Hamil is a god at voice acting.


Need for Speed: SHIFT

E3 Trailer.


meybe wqe schould make an e3 thread ? since not everything will be in trailers, and some annoucment might be fucking big.

Lord, save us all !!!


Due to the forums crash, I think Mafia II is due for some attention. A new trailer was released a couple of days ago which has reaffirmed my belief that it will be amongst some of the best games I’ve ever played. There are still a couple of niggling little problems that are shown in this trailer and the gameplay footage, but it’s still in alpha. Other than that, the new trailer shows that it’s up there with the best gangster films, with voice acting, script and atmosphere to challenge.…2009_52809.html

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Ah what? I was hoping for discussion on the game.


This looks like it’s going to be rad.


Are leaked videos allowed?


E3 did start today. Check out your favourite i-mag, tons of trailers.

My personal favourite:


It did start today. of course me out of all people here wouldn’t have known. Anyone going to be watching the streams like a fox, or will everyone wait for the summary?


I’d prefer live but, i’d rather wait for the archived ones. Make sure i don’t miss anything. :smiley:

Am stickin’ to Gamespot.


Apparently Ubisoft left some interesting directories open to access on their website. Video footage of Assassin’s Creed 2 and the next Splinter Cell game within.

Dead Rising 2 HD trailer


Hah hah hah, i like this guy. The Chainsaw Pole, classic. Although i hope you can customize clothings.



Love the Splinter Cell series. I don’t like that the series has been moving away from stealth and more toward run and gun, but it still looks like fun.