Game trailers thread


I actually really liked the tomb exploration parts of AssBro. :ninja:

It was the ‘slay a million guards and somehow not be world-renowned’ part that bugged me.

Also the enemy AI is really goddamn stupid, and it looks like they never fixed that. Guy like Ezio should have been killed/recognized instantly, walking around with all that junk strapped to his body.


Thats kind of always been part of Assassin’s Creed. You have to have a level of suspension of disbelief about those things, considering the entire game is based around the concept that you can blend with anyone and hide in the open. Thats the way its intended and don’t expect it to change.


I’ve only played up to ACII, so unless the tomb exploration part is very different, I think it will still bug me. It’s the fact that they’ve dumbed it down - the camera shows you exactly where to go to the point where it’s forcing your eye. How do they not understand that finding it out on your own is so much more rewarding?

But sorry - enough whining from me. I still like the games - mainly because they look so damn good and historically they’re one of the more accurate games out there.

And they’re going to the exact same places that I went to on my travels before I’d heard of the games - Damascus, Istanbul, Cappadocia, Palmyra, Masyaf, not to mention Venice and Florence. Just playing them makes me want to go back.


Those are all places I want to travel. Especially Florence and Venice. Lucky bastard. :frowning:


Do it, but prepare to be disappointed with places in the Middle East such as Masyaf and Damascus - the former looks nothing like it does in the game, and there’s virtually nothing left of the old city in the latter. But I couldn’t recommend Italian and Turkish cities enough.


you know, when i first heard details about Prey 2, i was disappointed that we wouldn’t be playing as Tommy again. but after watching the trailer i realize there’s a certain elegant symmetry; in Prey we play an Indian in space. in Prey 2 we play a cowboy in space.


Well, there were ways to change your robe design and color in Brotherhood. I was hoping it would figure into gameplay- change your appearance to reduce your notoriety, kinda like the Paint and Spray in GTA4 or Safe Houses in Need for Speed: Most Wanted.


The GTA thing was pretty annoying for me. IMO, ridiculously stupid police/guards have been a staple of video games for a long time, and I’m okay with this. Its more fun that way.


The only thing that ever mildly annoyed me in AC was how the beggars and insane folk only targeted you…and guards would recognize you instantly as an Assassin if you were shoved by such an insane man.


Next to the ending sequences, thats probably the worst part of AC.


What do you mean, the ending sequences?

Seriously, you get to beat up the fucking pope in AC2.


I mean in the original. I loved the ending of AC2. AC: B was pretty awesome too. I’m just saying the sequence were you take out the templar and the sequence were you back the Assassin Headquarters. Poorly worded really.


Yeah, I can see that. The ending destroyed the overall message of “there’s no good or bad” the game was trying to convey the entire time.


I never really got that feel from the rest of the game. They kept saying that, but their actions revolved around combatting what they viewed as an evil.


The Templars wanted something good, but their methods were…forceful.


About as forceful as what Wesker tried in RE5. World Domination in one fell swoop.


Planetside 2 trailer


BF3 Operation Metro Trailer


From Dust


Saints Row the Third story trailer.