Game trailers thread


I really want this game.


Well, it’s supposedly coming out tomorrow, although I’m not sure how. I’ve checked GameStop, Walmart, Steam, Amazon, etc… There isn’t any trace on how it’s going to be released. :confused:


Doesn’t come to PC till august 17th :frowning:


You are not administrator anymore?


After a year and a half of absence, I think not.




It’s going to be available on XBLA, PSN, and Steam.


I like how they waited until 2 fucking days before the release before they told anyone they delayed it. I was pumped. :frowning:


Anyone hear about what they did to Hitman: Absolution? No David Bateson voicing 47, no Jesper Kyd doing the music, radical changes to the gameplay formula to make it more like Splinter Cell: Conviction. Doesn’t even look like a Hitman game anymore!




It makes me sad that almost every game currently expected is a combination of generic and an unnecessary sequel past the second. Studios are crankin out meaningless units like fast-food, and we all buy the same product a few hundred times.

But it makes me even happier to know that there are still games that seem worth while ^^ I just wanted to share that on a thread that is lively with information on upcoming games.


all i needed to hear. i’m done with the Hitman series.


Ah, gotta love the typical gamer overreaction.


Why would you give up on a game before gameplay is released?


Because clearly different = bad in all cases.


I thought splinter cell conviction was awesome :ninja:

yeah it was way too easy and there was no option to be non lethal, but the gameplay was solid and fun!


Hey, I actually found Conviction rather fun too. I still play it from time to time because I love it’s brutal take on stealth. But it isn’t true to the series. I think it would have been better served as a foundation for a proper “24: The Game,” because that’s honestly what it was trying to be.

Hitman is even more of a hardcore stealth game than Splinter Cell- it’s a very patient game. I took my time on the Meat King’s Party map of Contracts, and planned out my hit and executed it quite nicely. I managed to make Professional rating on my first run through the level. It’s the kind of satisfaction that you get from an experience like that that makes Hitman… Hitman. At least to me.

Besides, it’s indicative of the “Me Too” marketplace where stealth titles are going the way of Batman: Arkham Asylum- far more action oriented. Arkham Asylum was a bloody fantastic game, mind you- but Splinter Cell and Hitman couldn’t be farther removed from Arkham Asylum’s design focus. So go figure that studios would have to either completely derail a character (Sam’s character is far, far more brutal than the earlier games in the series. Nonlethal options and body-hiding would have been nice and truer to series formula) or a design (Absolution sounds far more linear than a game like Contracts or Blood Money, which had huge realistic locations to explore) to fit in with a new design trend, claiming to “reinvent” or “reinterpret” a fiction rather than admitting that they’re pandering to reviewers and not their established fanbase.

Besides, Jesper Kyd is an awesome composer, and was with the series since game one. Why take him out of play now? It just seems like a spit in the face of every self respecting fan of the series. I’m not even that hardcore of a fan of Hitman- I only bought the games last year.


I hope all the music in this game is that awesome.


Looks like Borderlands with a different style.


Lol, that statement doesn’t contradict itself at all.