Game trailers thread


It plays and looks nothing like Borderlands. Trust me. It’s worth the preorder.


It just looks like Borderlands. With better vehicles, in theory.


what he said. i’m not starting a “Boycott Hitman” movement or sending letterbombs to the developers, but they’ve changed key things i love about this series and i see no reason to put ~$50 of my budget towards it. and yeah - if they can release something so awesome that it changes my mind, then they will have made a kickass game indeed and i’ll gladly eat my words. but unless i see something truly great come out of this i’ll be spending my money elsewhere.

so back on topic, @Rage: it seems like the Mad Max style is becoming popular with so many games these days (Fallout 3 and NV, Fallen Earth, Bulletstorm) that you can’t really pin it down to just Borderlands. it’s kinda nice, in that the enemies are more colorful than you’ll find in any military shooter, but it’s getting overdone.
i do like that killerang in the trailer though.


Saints Row the Third new gameplay. Looks like the first mission. Shaundi is pissed, and Gat is possibly dead. And we don’t get to see the carnage he lays down on the Syndicate leading to them silencing him. I hope they just captured him there…

Also, no Eliza Dushku. I am undecided if that is a good or bad thing.


What about Counter Strike: Global Offensive?
Is there an official trailer?


You should search for one and let us know.
(though there probably isn’t one since it was just announced…)


dunno if it’s official, but…

counterstrike: global offensive trailer


It’s fake. That trailer is for CS: Online, a “special” version of CS for the Korean market.


Nexon bought out the 1.6 license and created this horrid, terrible thing.


Dota 2’s first trailer:


Battlefield 3 Caspian Border Gameplay:



Oh my god that is beautiful.






New Revelations gameplay


I like that Altair has an accent now, rather than having the voice of a plain uninteresting American man.


I always thought the American accent made more sense- since it was the first time Desmond got hooked up with the first Animus, it figures there would be an inadequate voice simulation for Altair. Particularly when Lucy commented on the modern dialog in the game:

Lucy: Ever read Chaucer?
Desmond: Who?
Lucy: Exactly.

ACII definitely represented it’s period of time in a more authentic manner with tons of both subtitled and non-subtitled Italian, though, so there are plenty of reasons why it’s the better game, but I did like AC1’s little jokes at in-authenticity.

(Speaking of Chaucer, I didn’t like “The Canterbury Tales” very much. It wasn’t as boring as Beowulf but seriously, it doesn’t make any sense except as a collection of period short stories. Interesting if you dig the time period, but you have to put up with a lot to get anything out of it.)


You thought Beowulf was boring? Try Robinson Crusoe.


Minecraft Adventure Update trailer: