Game trailers thread


Saints Row The Third: Deckers Trailer
lol, Tron


Wargame : European Escalation

By the creators of Ruse. Cold War is comin’ in hot :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT : Want a bit more ?


Looks pretty damn good.


Launch trailer for Trackmania² Canyon


Max Payne 3: First Trailer



That’s my kind of game right there!


Jizz just spewed out of all my orifices.



Anyway, this online thing, called Brawl Busteris a bit TF2esque innit ?


Battlefield 3 99 Problems Trailer

Sorry if it’s been linked.

Aliens: Colonial Marines


sigh This is what i was afraid of. The places look decent, some look pretty awesome like Operations, but some are too bright and the gameplay looks more like Aliens: Highly Scripted Action Sequence then the type of dynamic, coop survival horror I’d imagined.

Plus the PR sound was TERRIBLE. Why is it not like it was in that other trailer?

I have a feeling this could be partially from it being in early stages, but I really hope they make some big gameplay changes. I would love to see dynamic alien AI where they are given a run of the entire level through access ducts and such, and they choose when to attack and such rather then how it is currently, IE: PLAYER CROSSES THRESHOLD, SPAWN AND AMBUSH.

Hopefully I’m wrong and this is just how it is early on (even though this part is AFTER the beginning), but seeing that turret part where it TELLS you to place it in that spot just made me think this way. You had more freedom and needed more tactics in the HL2 turret parts.

I hear there might be standalone coop missions, so maybe those will play out more dynamically.


SS3: BFE Weapons Trailer

Really looking forward to this game!


CBA to look whether this has been posted, but: Anno 2070


Terraria 1.1

Pretty damn big update.


^It kind of reminds me of Soldat.

#657 < interesting.

It’s like Dungeon Master for the 21st century.


Not a legit, but still my fan-made HL trailer:


I’ve been waiting for this day :awesome: .



That game was pretty fun.