Game trailers thread


If it plays as good as it sounds like its going to, the story could be the most generic story ever and I wouldn’t mind. There are still flashbacks that seem to hold the noir style quite well, at least comparing it to what I remember from MP1.

If the story ends up being really good, then It’ll make it that much better.


I just find it weird that I hear a lot of people complaining about this game not having the exact same atmosphere as the other 2 Max Payne games but I can’t help but feel that people would also be complaining if it had been the exact same as the other two. And I mean the story is still along the same lines, gang wars and stuff, it just happens to take place not entirely at night in a metropolitan area :stuck_out_tongue: .


I’m looking forward to seeing what direction the new devs take. I’m more incensed about not having Sam Lake back to write the script though, honestly.


That’s strange, because the trailer in question completely dispelled that feeling in me and confirmed the classic Noire style IS coming back.


^ It’s a subjective view. Noir is definitely a difficult thing to pin down. You have obvious noir, which is all about a tense mood: dark streets, limited use of lighting, shadows, noises. Then there’s the less obvious. This is far more a case of cinematography; shown in camera angles, music, length of shots than anything else.

So it’s really up to you. Personally I think that Rockstar knows what they’re doing and have plenty of experience in making highly cinematic, tense thriller games; there have been moments in GTA games and RDR that display this quality extremely well, but none of us have been able to see anything about Max Payne 3 longer than a trailer to discern whether or not it is noir.

The trailer’s definitely noirish though, but that’s just a trailer. Get me some good music and rain effects and I can turn the Teletubbies into Philip Marlowe.


Do it.

This is not a challenge to your point, but something I genuinely need to see.

Because spreadsheets.


Arma III’s got new lighting and animations. Looks pretty good. Still don’t know if I want to get it though.


I tried to play Arma 2, but then I realized the numbers of keys on a keyboard were outnumbered by the things you had to do in this game, so I just said fuck it and never reinstalled it.


jesus christ get rid of that fucking annoying lens flare for a start.


Don’t look at the god damn sun then


So this is the official trailer for the DayZ mod for Arma 2. Pretty nice trailer if you ask me.


New The Last of Us trailer. Looks fucking sexy as fuck.


The game does look really nice, but we still haven’t seen any gameplay. They can make as good a trailer as they want but if the gameplay doesn’t work well, it’s not much of a game.


Like with what happened to Dead Island.

Such a disappointment.


Naughty Dog have a far better track record than Techland, though - and having read the various eyes-on demo previews, I can safely say I am greatly looking forward to it.

Plus, Dead Island’s trailer was more ‘concept’ than ‘execution’.


Hitman, my childhood playing this game.


It’s like minecraft with more realistic graphics and physics and on an alien planet and beyond


When I first saw “StarForge”, I thought of KotoR.

Neat game, though.


That was fucking sweet. Minecraft eat your heart out.

Kinda goes to show how Minecraft isn’t exactly the best coded game in indie history (unless, of course, this is a hoax). Minecraft has a vertical limit of about 128 blocks, and they’re exactly that- blocks. This has procedural voxel terrain and they included a seamless atmosphere and space transition. That shit was impressive.