Game trailers thread


It’s amazing what you can do when your game isn’t made with a language that’s best left to mobile devices and garbage cans.


I jizzed a little at the end when he jumped from space. It’s like playing Facing worlds in UT, and looking at the earth in the nice skybox below, only to jump off and realize that the whole god damned thing is actually there and you can fall to it.


Holy shit man.



Amnesia A Machine for Pigs teaser trailer

I can’t find the thread for it.


Oh god can’t wait. Thanks for sharing. The Dark Descent is the best horror game I ever played :stuck_out_tongue:


Natural Selection 2 - “Docking” map reveal trailer


Not a Game Trailer but it still looks like it’ll be great




Okami HD for the PS3


NS2 trailer at the beginning and long ass NS2 dreamhack interview afterward. It’s pretty interesting, but long as fuck.


THis shit is real and it’s goddamn amazing.


Play the old prototype, it’s fucking awesome. Can’t wait for the full game though!


I did. Played both prototypes in fact. There was an even older one that was a rhythm game. Fucking love it.


Are you fucking kidding me? FF7 was hard…when people were 10 years old. Are they seriously adding built-in cheats?

And it doesn’t even seem to be using steam. Unless it’s free it’s fucking retarded.


…I already played it on PC.



New Borderlads 2 Trailer.

I lol’d.


17 minutes of Hitman Absolution gameplay

I take back what I’ve said about the game. It does look like it plays like a Hitman game. It looks fantastic actually. This level at least. If there’s many levels of this type it’s going to be awesome.


Path of Exile - End-Game Maps

Oh fuck yes.


Far Cry 2 coop

Looks like it’s very informed by other modern shooters, but it also looks pretty fun. Will have to wait.