Game trailers thread


“As you can see the player is taking a lot of hits”

Player stands there in the open like he doesn’t give a fuck

It’s nice that it has coop, but I would much rather have to scavenge equipment for use than selecting a loadout like a multiplayer match.


Same. I’m worried that even the simple act of picking shit up is being shut out of shooters.


Nice “brutal stealth execution”… waited until they were practically in front of the enemy and then alerted the rest of the enemies right away.


Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Reveal

It looks interesting. Glad it gets away from modern technology.


sound design is way better. It’s like they finally discovered bass.

Guys, I think I might like this COD.

I also noticed they used a different mix of the same track from shootmania. Is this song becoming the new Invaders Must Die?


I think I checked the thread quite well and I didn’t find that trailer in previous posts, so I’ll add something from me and say that I hope that Darksiders II is gonna be good.


Dat throwing sound

I just nostalgia’d hard because it was used in Heretic and Hexen.

Also a CoD with decent sounds? And it seems interesting gadgets too? I think I may just consider getting this one.


Nah this CoD looks like it’s going to be just another CoD maybe with some small gimmick value

I would still avoid like the plague. Sure, it doesn’t look as bad as Modern Warfare 3, but that doesn’t necessarily make it good


I think someone needs to define the term “gimmick” for you.

These changes are pretty huge. Especially the new Strike force missions.


Far Cry 3 is looking pretty cool now that they show something other than scripted corridor shooting. Far Cry 2’s AI wasn’t really up to snuff and enemies respawning right in front of you is stupid. This’ll be pretty cool if they can fix those problems. It looks like you have quite a bit of freedom.


If this game is as good as it looks, it’ll be shaping up to be taking a direction that I was hoping the Crysis series would take.

The only thing I don’t like is the extreme shakiness of the recoil. It looks like whenever your guy shoots he’s having a mini-seizure.


This is what Far Cry 2 should have been with the direction they took.


This new engine looks amazing. Also, the first trailer to show Connor killing colonists. And can I say…fucking finally.

Not because I was worried this would be some America wank fest. I am glad because now all the butthurt anti-American cunts won’t be able to cry about being “discriminated” against. Gone are the sentiments that, just because this is in North America pretty much during the inception of the US, this will be a tale of jingoism, apple pie, and fat people, EVEN THOUGH IT ISN’T AN AMERICAN DEVELOPER. As if the simple setting will infect the game with…whatever stigma this idiots have labeled the county with.


Take notes,The Keeper. Take notes.


The Keeper…? A quick google search says it’s a company that manufactures tampons.


He’s a member. Jumped on the anti-AC3/ anti-America bandwagon.


Oh, you mean this douche stain?

It’s like he can’t even acknowledge the fact that the inception of the US was pretty important, regardless of his sentiments.

Why do people hate us so much? :frowning:


every other nation is a relic of shattered empires inhabited by prison-planet runoffs who aren’t smart enough to value quantities of culture exceeding one


Inside Assassin’s Creed III: Episode One:


And this is why the Assassin’s Creed series is the best series out there.