Game trailers thread


I can’t wait for this game.


I still have trouble understanding how people still argue this game to be an “AMERICA FUCK YEAH” game. Just because it takes place in the land where the US will be created? Because it focuses on the creation of the US (sorta)?


Considering the heavy handed anti-capitalist stance of the backstory of “Brotherhood,” I’ll bet that the plot will be harsher on Americans than anybody else.


People who say that AC3 is “america fuck yeah” are idiots, the past 4 games have been set in foreign countries, and desmond is american, so somewhere, one of his ancestors HAD to be from america, and it has already been confirmed multiple times you will be killing americans too.


Natural Selection 2 | Exosuit reveal trailer

Fuck yes, Exosuit next patch, along with new models instead of placeholders and heavy performance improvements.

I am fucking excited.


I may actually get back to it soon.


Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition


This is more a mod trailer (and trailer is kind of a loose description of it) but still, holy fuck, it’s awesome.


Here’s someone trying to play Splinter Cell: Blacklist stealthily. At least the option is there, it’s just wholly unnecessary because you can get away with running and gunning like in the E3 demo. Apparently, non-lethal moves will be back, as will moving bodies. It’s just that the AI is phenomenally stupid. Hopefully on the game’s Elite difficulty we’ll have an experience closer to the older games.

Of course, at the end of the demo, they still have to kill four guys in a room from a rappel, so it’s unlikely a 100% LTL playthrough is possible.

  1. Should I get Conviction? I played DA and I was a little…confused by their choices. Then Conviction confirmed that Ubisoft did indeed enjoy this new…awkward path. I played a little bit of the beginning, but not much further.

  2. The gameplay/animations seem pretty cool in this, actually. I miss the night, but in the end this pulls off stealth better than DA or Convictions ever could.

  3. Sam looks…pretty young here. Less gravely voice…COULD THIS BE A PREQUEL!?

EDIT: Nope, he’s in contact with Grim.


Sam found the fountain of youth offscreen.


Rise of the Triad :smiley:


I’m actually kind of on the fence about this. The fluidity of the game looks amazing but it looks too easy to just take out like 10 people with the push of a button. It should be possible to do something like the execute thing but it should be difficult to do. I don’t know how they’d go about doing it though. The stealth playthrough makes it more appealing to me as well. I really don’t know if I want this or not. I’ll have to wait till it’s released to see.


Not really a game trailer, but a demonstration of the software renderer of DaggerXL. It’s got me excited again.

Dat coastline and ocean waves @ 9:17 and 10:14


I’m literally jumping out the window screaming in joy because of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes announcement…